How To Look Appropriately Sexy On The Day Of Your Prom

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Prom day is crucial for many girls. They celebrate both the culmination of their studies and the beginning of a new path. That’s why, at the prom party, they want to bring an unforgettable look. However, they don’t always know how to dress and what prom dresses they can or cannot use according to the dress code. So, we give you this little guide based on the latest collection of Jovani, to teach you how to look both sexy and elegant.

Choose a makeup that suits the event

Generally, the makeup is a little stronger. However, these only look good at night parties and with specific prom dresses. Well, this is the right time to try that glitter makeup tutorial that you have wanted to rock so much. Additionally, you should make sure that it matches the tone of your dress and its cut; otherwise, it will draw the attention of your garment.

How To Look Appropriately Sexy

How to show off your jewelry

When you are a girl with traditional or classic style, which is characterized by using sober colors, the basic ones in your attire are black, gray and white. When worn continuously, these tones can be a little boring, but you can always give a special touch with accessories that contrast in tone or texture, whether they are handbags, purses, shoes, and jewelry (bracelets, earrings or necklaces).

On the other hand, it is not just about putting on very striking jewelry all over your body. Remember that simplicity is elegance and therefore you should use it subtly. In this sense, if your dress has applications on the neckline, it’s best to use a very simple necklace or nothing at all.

If you don’t have an application, you can use something moderately complex. As for the earrings, if the hair is loose, you should carry curls. On the other hand, if you went to the salon, you can use long earrings. Finally, as for the bracelets, they must be discreet and thin, and you can not carry more than one.

The cut of your dress

You also need to evaluate some details about the Jovani prom dresses that are attractive to you, only in that way you will look beautiful. To start, your dress could be ankle length. The fabric that favors the most is the vaporous, but it doesn’t always get along with all the cuts and styles. Of the best cuts is one the one cinched from the top and loose from the waist down.

The colors (light and dark)

If the prom party you will be attending to is in at an open place, the colors of the traditional style are essential. We refer to the clear tonalities that you can wear in combination with your classic black or blue dress, or else, risk a little with other colors.

How To Look Appropriately Sexy

Give prints a chance

If you are a traditional girl, you hardly have any garment with printed fabrics in your closet. However, it would be ideal to consider purchasing prom dresses with this type of finish. Flower prints are an excellent option since you can coordinate them with neutral colors in your accessories. If you feel that the extra touch of color is too much for you, wearing a pair of discreet shoes will give balance your outfit. Experts in public image explain that people who have this style always reflect caring about the details.


A romper is an excellent choice that you can go for if you need to break the rules. Without a doubt, it enters the category of sexy garments thanks to its design. The model you pick will depend a lot on the type of prom party; Some have very colorful prints, while others are neutral tones. If you are a heavy-chested girl, evaluate how appropriate it is to wear one with a deep neckline. Maybe it is not suitable for the occasion. Don’t forget that the accessories will always give you a different view of your look. To further enhance your style, discover the secret to achieving a glamorous look at the prom party.

Would you dare to add some extra details to your graduation look or the rest of your wardrobe?

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