These Are The Jovani Tips And Tricks To Combine Jewelry With Prom Dresses

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Currently, when the graduation season is getting, the accessories are almost as essential as the prom dresses and the look in itself. Therefore, if a bad choice is made, the results can be disastrous. With these easy tips and tricks, you will make that your entire presence possesses harmony and lots of glamor, exuding the exact essence you desire: sensuality, minimalism, innocence or flirt. 

Let’s take a look back

It is known that since ancient times the jewels have helped to complement the attire of millions of women from all countries and cultures. From the Egyptian fibulae or brooches that had the purpose of fastening the clothes to the body of the carrier, to the elaborate Chinese pieces to hold the hair.  

The society has enjoyed, and still does, an immense kaleidoscope of opportunities to carry on their bodies all the beauty of a jewel manufactured according to its purpose, personality, desire, attire, and event. If you and your friends are about to choose prom dresses and want to add beautiful shiny accessories to them, what comes next will get you out of any doubt.

Define your style

Right now, there are many designs of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings with different types of stones and precious gems. However, when choosing one for the occasion, the critical thing will be that you feel comfortable with it in conjunction with the gown you have select.

Just as you would not wear stilettos that are too high for an outdoor party because you might uncomfortable, you should never wear a turtleneck either. Therefore, be true to yourself and to the elements that your dress contains. If you are curious about how technology can aid in selecting the right style, feel free to download Jovani on your smart device.

Let’s talk about the neckline

The type of neckline will further stylize the neck and face. Remember that jewelry is a compliment, so it should not compete with your outfit but instead achieve a balance.

  • Strapless: With this cut, there is versatility regarding the size of the necklace, without leaving aside the color or print of the dress. You can wear a discreet necklace or very striking.
  • Heart Shape: For this neckline, the necklaces of medium size are advised, not being too pretentious, especially if the breastplate of the dress already bears rhinestones.
  • V Shape: The same form directs attention to the chest. On the other hand, use a necklace that follows the same lines of this type of shape.
  • Squared: We suggest short and thin or long earrings. This creates a balance, and you will avoid looking overloaded.
  • Asymmetrical: Since only one shoulder is exposed, we advise you to use a bracelet on that same arm. Remember, you are looking for symmetry.

Knowing how to combine does not equal to wearing the same old piece of jewelry at the prom party. Dare to play with colors and mix gold with violet, silver with red or blue and yellow. Only by experimenting you are going to find the perfect option for you.

Now it’s time to define the jewels to wear according to the style, color, and fabric of the prom dresses

  • Woolen garments or silky points: Better combine them with embossed jewelry, such as earrings or rings with essential volumes.
  • Gooseneck or halter neck: Use it with a delicate clasp on top of the neck, right in that indentation that is created between the bones of the clavicle.
  • Loose or imperial cut: They look good with collars closer to the neck and discreet earrings.
  • Classic cut with texture or embroidery: This type of clothes is very appropriate to combine it with long necklaces that serve to give an extra touch without looking over-the-top.
  • Lace: This type of wardrobe is ideal to be combined with gold and silver brooches or pins. As a general rule, brooches are worn with light fabrics.

What can Jovani offer to you?

All the prom dresses designed in Jovani are focused on looking spectacular accompanied by brands of jewelry or accessories.

We offer a great versatility to adapt to the most current and innovative trends, always giving our vision in the study of shapes and volumes, adjusting the dresses line to the profile of our current clients to provide them with all the combination options they require.

To learn more about our unique approach to combining dresses with accessories, and to find the perfect jewelry for your big night, explore Jovani’s guide on jewelry for prom. This guide will give you further insights and ideas on how to make your prom night look unforgettable.

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