How To Create The Illusion Of Enviable Curves With Fashion

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Fortunately, more and more options are adapting to different types of girl, especially designs that not only focus on developing pieces of all sizes but indeed propose contemporary styles and trends, which was unimaginable a few years ago; as is the case of Jovani and its most recent line of prom dresses.

The important thing is that you focus your purchases on clothes that embellish your figure and make you feel glamorous.  The four main fashion tips for women plus size that we will share super useful, take note!

Short skirts

Short skirts are better on short legs, which sounds a bit counterintuitive, but it is true; most girls who have thick legs can attest that the most significant volume is located in the upper part of the thighs. If it’s an area that you want to divert attention from at your graduation party, you can wear a skirt with a cut about 2 to 3 inches above the knee to show only the most flattering areas of your silhouette.

When you decide to show more of your legs you will look taller and it also reveals the most elegant and most attractive part of that area. The legs tend to narrow just above and below the knee but are widening again to the level of the calf muscle. If you don’t do it and cover everything except the calf muscle, you are only showing the part of your leg that is bigger; therefore, if you are a plus size girl, you will seem somewhat heavier than you probably are.

Many girls reading this tip may feel a little dubious, since the female figure has many variations, just as the personality of each girl can vary: from the most daring to those who love sophisticated looks. However, if you choose among the Jovani prom dresses for your prom party, you will notice how your legs alongside your gown will become the center of all the compliments, plus if you are in your high school senior year, you will be adopting a new concept of style to begin your adulthood era.

curves with fashion

The tapered line of the waist

In more casual clothing details, we recommend wearing shirts and jackets with conical waists. By this, we mean that you won’t use styles that completely cover the abdomen, but opt for a style that accentuates the tightness of the waist. If you have curves, you probably have a waistline that is significantly smaller than your bust and hip, like the iconic hourglass figure. Girls who have this type of silhouette know that at some point it was difficult to find pieces that fit in all areas uniformly. However, the conical waist is enormously flattering because it shows that you have a waist.

Women with curves tend to wear wide shirts because they think that having big proportions is the opposite of being beautiful, something completely false. The proper attire can accentuate your best features without making it look disproportionate. If it’s a matter of opting for this style for more formal events, you can always be accompanied by friends or ask the advice of one of the girls in the store who are there to give guidance and fashion advice. Never hide your attractiveness, accept it and presume it!

V-necks are super flattering

An infallible trick, the clothes with a V type of neckline significantly favors the figure because it lengthens the neck and gives space to your face and your other attributes. Look for your dresses, shirts, and sweaters to have this feature; you can also wear a dress blouse with the first two buttons, unbuttoned.

Asymmetric cuts

Not all plus size bodies are necessarily curvilinear; that’s why it’s essential to use clothes that help you restore balance to the figure. If you have a more rectilineal figure you can create a silhouette to your liking using tight clothes in the top and free fall from a high waist, as is the case of prom dresses of imperial cut or even short pieces.

curves with fashion

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