The 6 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Last updated 5 months ago.

Choosing the perfect outfit for every occasion is not always easy. If you are a girl in high school or a young woman embarking on her journey to personal success, it is common to have a big party to come (like the prom party or an event related with work); and that’s when these issues get tricky.

Below, we present the six most common mistakes that are often made when selecting outfits or prom dresses, as well as the tips to make you look like a fashion expert.

  1. Trying to look older: If it is an elegant event held outdoors, perhaps because it is your first opportunity to go formal, the emotion can push you to make the wrong choices. It is good wanting to look discreet regarding the design of your garments, but it is not advisable that at your age you attend so covered up to an outdoor celebration; if you do, don’t be surprised when getting confused with any of the chaperones.
  2. Sacrificing comfort for glam: If you live in a high-temperature location, wearing pieces costumed in thick fabrics, without movement or with many layers, will cause you not to enjoy the evening, as you will be very busy counting the seconds remaining until you’re able to take it off. It is for this reason that Jovani created a new collection of prom dresses for 2020 that are suitable for every occasion; they are designed to match different types of girls, tastes and styles.
  3. Being too “sexy”: In the eagerness to look sensual, you can fall into the mistake of choosing a dress too tight or revealing for your body type. If you have to attend a cocktail event or one related to your work environment, sexy is not the most suitable concept to go for, because the intention is to look beautiful without forgetting the sophistication
  4. Not following the dress code: When it comes to a prom party, you should know that, although these events allow a certain looseness and are not as strict when compared to a formal dinner or party, it is not super casual either. It is an intermediate point in which the goal is to look the most glamorous and have fun with it.
  5. Forgetting your style: You don’t have to look like someone else to be trendy. Maintain your style by choosing clothes that you like and that fit your body type; The key to being elegant is picking clothes with a little more style than the ones you wear on a daily basis. For example, if you are a girl who loves black, look for Jovani prom dresses that have small details in lace or pebbles to look different and a little more formal.
  6. Pretentious jewelry: Return to the most valuable and straightforward advice of all: less is more. Using jewel on top of another jewel or a big necklace plus large earrings is far from the best option. Looking like a Christmas tree wearing many accessories is not chic, it’s odd.

Now that you know what you should NOT do under these circumstances, we decided to highlight an element with which you can play in any event to get the best out of your outfit, the neckline.

The truth is that it takes very little to look sensual, sometimes just need a cut, color or specific garment. However, few things beat a right neckline, and yet, many girls don’t know how to carry with it properly. The secret lies in finding the right balance according to your silhouette:

  • The shape: Classic necklines like the V cut are usually the most beautiful because they stylize the figure. In the first instance, the waist is reduced, and the hips increase visually. Also, your bust looks much more harmonious with the rest of your body. However, if you have a large bust and don’t feel comfortable using a V-cut, the next option is for you.
  • The area: Another idea is to wear a neckline on the back. Either in a jumpsuit, a dress or a body. The truth is that for girls with a large bust or hourglass silhouette, they look even more sensual than the necklines located in the chest, this is due to the length of the back. Therefore, use one or two accessories with it.

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