How To Turn Any Outfit Into A High Fashion Garment

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Some girls who attempt to make trendy choices end up choosing outrageous outfits. And sometimes it is not that the garment is ugly, but it is outdated or not properly combined. Well, don’t worry, it’s all happened to everybody. That’s why Jovani has just launched its latest collection of prom dresses designed for any party, and we have been inspired to create a list with the best fashion tips to make the model you chose look even more spectacular.

But first, you must recognize the mistakes you’re making in order to stop committing them:

From the shoes

Wearing short/old-fashioned heels or low ones is an adorable thing, but they are not the only popular options available. You can also opt for good heels of 3 inches that make you look taller, especially off neutral colors and without so many adornments. Those are the ideal heels to look classy and modern.

Hairstyles way up high

When you have a formal event at the door, you immediately run to the salon for the most elaborate hairstyle you can imagine, and that is an error. In many occasions having your hair loose or collected in a messy style is more elegant than the bows decorated with a thousand ornaments. Remember that less is more.

Today you can acquire a Hollywood worthy outfit without spending a lot of money thanks to Jovani, just have to take into account some tips so you can make the right impression carrying your supermodel looks, even your friends will ask for your secret.


For more casual moments, they are a perfect option. Fur coats can be very expensive, that’s why it is a garment that you must have to look like wearing a super exclusive look. Of course, we are talking about opting of cruelty-free and entirely accessible versions. Many alternatives perfectly mimic the glamor of this type of garment, so no one suffers, and you will look stunning. Find the one you like most and complement some of your outfits with it -and it can even be added to the prom dresses when you arrive, that way you will leave everyone shook.

High Fashion Garment

Sunglasses and handbags

For everyday life, this accessory offers the ultimate celebrity vibe, and you can prove it by scrolling down on Social media or checking out or entertainment publications, almost every star wear glasses. Look for some that are cool and elegant, but the most important thing is that you find the best price. The bags will also make your look very expensive. We recommend that you buy a good clutch in black or nude color since you can use it with all your outfits.

Trench coats

The gabardine, besides being warm, is a garment that will make you look like you have spent a lot of money on it. The way people tie the raincoat also gives it a touch of glamor. We recommend that you always have it hanging in the closet, to avoid wrinkling.

Totally gray look

Gray is a necessary color that you should have in some of your clothes. If you have many in different shades, use them together. This will make it look like you spent a lot of money on them. An extra tip that we can give you is to change the plastic buttons on some of your clothes, such as coats or blazers so that they give the impression that they are exclusive. The metallic or vintage buttons are the best and are not expensive at all.


There are two beautiful ways to use a neckline; one of them is with a jumpsuit. Remember that it is a garment that allows you to create a complete look in a couple of seconds. Just add some stilettos and accessories in silver or gold, depending on your design. The depth of it should be with which you feel comfortable so that you don’t have to fix it every five seconds. Another option is to use a crop top. These are cute and comfortable. Also, there are many options regarding cuts and colors. Combine them with high-rise trousers, either denim for a casual look, or tailor for a little outfit


A belt is an accessory that in addition to defining your waist and accentuate the part of the body where you use it, can be crucial at the time of giving a different and striking touch to your dress or outfit. But how to choose the right belt? What type of belt suits your body? You can visit the Jovani prom dresses catalog, and you’ll have an idea to complement yours.

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