How To Look Stunning At The Prom Party With The Right Prom Dresses?

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If you have seen a lot of prom dresses 2020 on the Web for your graduation or your friends have shared some pictures, but you still cannot decide which will look better on that super special day in your life, here we will give you the tips you need to make the best choice among the wide variety of prom dresses.

  • What are the trends? For this season, prom dresses seek to enhance your figure without taking away the limelight. Concerning structure (shape of the dress), always look for interesting cuts, like geometric figures, that always help to show the shape of the body. I.e., the heart cut doesn’t go out of fashion, nor the famous V neckline.
  • What guidelines do you have to take into account in your choice? It’s advisable to opt for dresses that you can use more than once – so you can make a better investment. Look for a dress in your favorite well-known fashion house for its quality, like the case of Jovani; that makes you stand out and which you feel comfortable with, breathe effortlessly and feel happy with the choice.
  • What colors to use? Fabrics with textures as prints are booming, but be careful with these, they must harmonize with your figure. The retro style is also fashionable, mixed with the latest trends such as rhinestones, metallic colors, pastel, yellow, emerald green and transparencies.

Now that you know the principles to start your selection of prom dresses, you know that you don’t have to limit yourself, because there are many options among which you can choose for the day you will go with your special date or with your group of friends, and you will have to say goodbye to high school. These are the most recommended styles for the spring season in 2019.

Embroidered dresses

For the gradients, models with embroidery of pearls or combs are usually the ideal. The preference for more elaborate pieces, made in fabulous fabrics and with more details, comes from the need to create a distinction between the attendants and the guests, who usually opt for short dresses or longuettes. This may be an excellent option for you.

Dresses with transparencies

These dresses usually confer an air of audacity and sensuality to the production. Both graduates and guests can use models with these details, but care must be taken so that the style combines both with your style and with the chosen accessories, which, according to Jovani, should be sparkly, metallic, glitters and crystals.

Short dresses

It is standard for the length of the skirts to be defined by the graduation commission so that a pattern is created for the photographs during the party; but if that is not the case, you can choose a longuette model.

In some cases, the dresses with “fall” can give more delicacy to the look, in the same measure that they can make the look more sensual, as it happens with the models with transparencies. Therefore, you must be careful to choose the one that is most suited to your personality and the goal of the event.

For pieces of this model, the primary care is for the dress to be appropriately adjusted to the body: neither too fit, nor too wide. Any misunderstanding with the size can lead to discomfort or even cause an accident. You can go to the Jovani store closest to your location and try the model that has captivated you most when looking at the collection, that way you will be ready when the date comes.

Finally, these are the tips that we give you for when the day of your prom party approaches.

  • Visit the beauty center one week before the event, to choose with ease the hairstyle and makeup according to the selected dress.
  • In makeup, fashion is smoky eyes, with shadow in the black range. It is very appropriate for the night because it allows the young woman to release a mysterious and sophisticated look. You can complete the look with lips in a nude tone.
  • The tan is vital because you still drag the color of winter. The solarium is discarded and to show a golden tone; a healthy option is an airbrush.

We hope these tips have been very helpful; now, all you have to do is having a good time and be the most beautiful of the event.

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