How To Get The Most Out Of The Size Of Your Hips

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Whether you want to know some trick to disguise your hips and stylize your figure or because you want to learn how to enhance them properly to wear skirts, shorts, prom dresses, and other fabulous clothes, we can help! All you have to do is consider the proportions. Knowing how to use the garments in your favor to achieve the effect you want will be a lesson to carry for a lifetime.

If your hips are wide

In this scenario (triangular or pear figure) you must take into account creating a balance, adding volume and attracting the eyes to the upper part of your body, at the same time creating an illusion for the lower part, specifically the area of your hips. The fashion choices you are about to make will revolve around the following garments:

  • A straight coat. This piece in casual moments helps to structure the silhouette, and it’s better for it to be long. Wear it over colored garments to get a favorable image for the rest of your figure; forget about the wide, tight-fitting bag coats because they put a lot of weight on top of the silhouette. To give it a different touch, why don’t you wear it with leather stilettos?
  • A line skirts. These will help you drive the attention from your hips. Try not to wear the type of skirts or Jovani prom dresses that are too tight as they will accentuate that area.
  • Pants boot cut style (open at the bottom). Avoid using tube pants or those that have folds or prints; they will visually create the wrong silhouette for your body type.
  • Light and vivid colors on the upper part of your body (blouses, shirts, etc.) and dark at the bottom (skirts, pants, etc.). This will visually make the lower part of your body look smaller and therefore, proportional.
  • Blouses or shirts with ornaments, lace, details such as pleats, tucks, ties, etc. Stop using this type of feature on the bottom of your clothing, if you must wear pants or skirts, do it preferably in a single tone with few details or ornamentation.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are the girls whose hips are narrow or thin (figure inverted triangle), for this you must add volume to the area of your hips, and attract the look to the lower part of your body, at the same time disguising the upper part of your body. Use the following garments:

  • Tulip dresses: These types of dresses are made just to focus on the hips. They are loose, lightweight fabric but with the perfect volume in that area; Ideal to attend to class or step into the office looking extra chic.
  • Wide trousers with pleats at the bottom. These pants are characterized by being straight at the bottom, but with a good volume in the hip area. They are perfect for girls who don’t have a curvy body. Try to use small, tight blouses to make it stand out even more because will visually create a perspective of dimensions (symmetry).
  • Light and vivid colors in the lower part of your body (pants and skirts) and dark in the upper part (shirts, blouses, etc.). The bright shades will visually make the lower part of your body look curvier.
  • Striking prints, decorations, lace in the lower part of your body. If you use prints on the bottom, then the upper garments have to be necessarily smooth, so that the volume and attention are focused on the area of your choice. Avoid taking them to the top and wear tops with few details or decoration.
  • Peplum garments. These garments are lovely, because, in addition to highlighting your hips, they formalize your waist. You can wear dresses or blouses in this cut; they will benefit you a lot.
  • Handbags at hip height. Using proportional bags bring attention to this area, adding volume and making them look fuller.
  • Corset. There are already many strips that are quite comfortable and create a supernatural once they go under the rest of the outfit. This way you will be able to reduce your waist and at the same time accentuate your hips. Prom dresses in cocktail style should be the garment you carry wearing a corset.

The Size Of Your Hips

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