Find the Perfect Dress for Your Event With Our New “Find My Dress” Tool

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Looking for the perfect dress to wear to your upcoming event? Look no further than our new “Find My Dress” tool! This handy online resource allows you to search for dresses by retailer and see what sizes are available. No more wasted time calling or visiting stores in person! You can find the perfect Jovani dress quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for? Start searching today!

Our new “Find My Dress” tool is an easy and fun way to find the perfect dress for any event. With just a few clicks, our automated system will generate a selection of dresses tailored to your specifications: from party and prom dresses to more formal evening wear.

Choose your event type, body shape, and budget to get started, then browse through our database of thousands of dresses. Every selection is displayed with a detailed description, customer ratings, and reviews so that you can find the perfect dress for your event. You can also narrow down your search by color and fabric type.

1. Find the product you like

The first step is to find the product you like. You can do this by browsing through the products on the website or searching for a specific product. Once you have found the product you like, click on it to view more information.

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2.  Scroll down to Check Jovani Warehouse Availability

Once you have clicked on the product, scroll down to the inventory section. This section will list the available sizes and colors for the product.

3. Select the size and color you want

Once you have found the size and color you want, The system will show you if the item is in stock, and If the item is not in stock, the system will tell you when it is expected to be back in stock. If you Want to see which stores have ordered this recently, click the link (find my dress), and on the next page, you can see the list of retailers who might have the dress in stock. The next page is a chart of where to buy a prom dress! It includes where to purchase the gown, the store’s address and phone number, your desired style and color, and your size.

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Jovani stock information

How can I order my Jovani Dress?

Although the Jovani website shows inventory information on all styles and future availability dates, it is only a wholesale company and not open to the public. To find the perfect dress from your favorite designer, you can locate one of their retailers near you on the ‘Store’ section of their website or order directly from one of Jovani’s authenticated online retailers. Another option is to find a style you like on, click the ‘buy now’ button next to each dress, and you’ll be directed to an authenticated retailer where you can check out directly from their secure website.

How can I contact the jovani Customer Service team?

At Jovani, our customer care team is dedicated to helping retail partners with their questions and concerns. We are dedicated to providing our retailers with the best service possible when it comes to purchasing from us; As a consumer, If you have a question or concern about your purchase, we encourage you to contact the store where you bought it from as they will be able to provide additional guidance and help for you.

Can I order an extra shawl or fabric with my dress?

If you need an extra shawl or beads for your dress, you may need extra help. In this case, the best thing to do is contact the store where you bought your prom dress; they can check with jovani to see if there is an accessory available to order.

Can I return or exchange the dress I purchased directly with Jovani?

Contact the store or website of origin for any desired exchanges and returns to get the most from your purchase. Jovani cannot be held liable in these instances.

Seeking out a superior customer experience? Explore the reviews and information in our store locator section to get an inside scoop on multiple retailers. Your feedback matters too. Don’t forget to leave insightful insights when you’ve completed your purchase!

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