How To Experiment With Different Styles For 2020

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The world of fashion and style fascinates many girls. For this reason, they always experiment with different trends both in makeup and clothing; As a result, many mistakes can be made. However, this will help you trace your style, define your tastes and, in a way, your personality. That’s why at Jovani we offer you some fashion tips that every girl should know.

The most important thing when forging both your style and your character is to know and respect your tastes. It is evident that to understand it you will have to try with different styles and trends. However, there will come a time when you will feel comfortable with certain clothes. Once you know what those garments are that go with you, you will notice a change in the reaction of others and confidence within yourself. Let’s begin today’s lesson:

1) One trend at a time

We know that trends are always tempting and eye-catching. Therefore, you may have started to follow them indiscriminately. The issue with that is that many of them don’t flatter your style, but instead, distort it. Therefore, always think carefully about what you add to your looks and what not to.

2) Think about the type of event

Whenever you attend a party or event, there is a dress code that you must respect. The same applies to different places, such as work and school (a great example of these are the parameters of prom dresses for the biggest celebration of the school year). Therefore always try to follow those codes. Based on these guidelines you can express your soul and style, for example: If your school requires a specific length in your dress you can comply with it by choosing a gown with a side slit on the skirt, in this way you will look glamorous and you will be meeting with the stipulated rules.

3) The casual parts from the basics

When it comes to your daily wear, one of the best tips is to invest in basic clothes, such as shirts, jeans, dress and pants or joggers. You can also get sweaters, cardigans, and jackets. As for the shoes, don’t forget to get a pair of stilettos, flats and tennis shoes.

4) Dress designs

For more casual moments, the dresses that we recommend you use are those that make your waist look smaller and show your hip, in this way you will show a well-stylized silhouette. An example is a single strapless dress or strapless to keep the proportions accurate. However, when it comes to formal moments, these are the design elements you must play with to help you achieve the desired look:

  • The tube or pencil skirts. They greatly favor girls because they reduce their size, making them look spectacular. Another type of skirt that you can prefer a lot are the skirts at waist height and those with floral pattern; because they create a curvilinear figure and conceal areas that you want to divert the attention from; an ideal option when choosing your prom dresses for this 2019.
  • Flare. These details take over the full garments of a lady, minimalist designs, bold or very elegant; it is a chic and feminine addition to add both to your prom dresses and the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Knots. Ideal to dress with Two-Piece models and low-cut patterns. The knots come to give your garment a sexy touch as well as retro. No doubt they have to be part of your choice when choosing dresses.

5) Colors

If you are a girl with a full personal color palette, the following are the most appropriate shades to start the year in the most fashionista way, you will see that you look good and you will also feel great:

  • Emerald green. For many it’s a combination of colors somewhat unusual, but that until now is imposed on fashion. These two tones, when combined, enhance and brighten your outfit.
  • Yellow. This primary color takes center stage in this 2020, especially during the spring season. Season in which it combines perfectly with your skin.

6) Invest in accessories

One of the tips that few girls carry out is to invest considerably in accessories. You must remember that with these you can redefine your outfit completely. Thus, it is necessary that you get necklaces and bracelets as well as clutches and earrings of different designs to create different looks.

different styles for 2019

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