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If you are trying to find a prom gown this season from the collection of 2023, you might wonder if designers have forgotten about different body shapes. You might have noticed department stores or very high-end prom boutiques provide dresses in a limited selection of sizes, with 2 being the most typical prom dress size. If you have seen (The Devil Wears Prada), you’re knowledgeable about the ever-changing dress sizes. Fortunately, Jovani is among the top designers who provide dresses in all sizes, varying from size two to size 32. So do not give up! There are various plus-size prom dresses available in many beautiful designs.

Before going shopping in a shop or online, it can help to have a concept of what size you are and figure out what type of dress will look perfect on you according to your body type. Meanwhile, find out if you need to Measure yourself to find your ideal Prom Dress. To find the right size, you need to measure the bust, the waist, and hips.


How do you measure your bust?

Measure the bust at the fullest part with the arms by your side. If you like to wear a fitted Bra under your prom dress, wear the bra before measuring yourself. You might be anywhere from 40 inches to 50 inches to 61 inches for the chest measurement. In order to find your right size, please check the Jovani size chart on Jovani’s website next to each product.

How do you measure your waist?

Measure the smallest portion of your waist, which is approximately 2 inches above the belly button. Likewise, this number may vary from 35 to 45 inches or even more if you are over a size 20. If your body carries most of the weight around the center section, the waist is usually the largest measurement.

How to measure your hips?

Measure the hips around the fullest part, including the back end too. This measurement is more than likely 6-10 inches more than the waist measurement. After taking the measurements, look at a size chart online to get an idea of what size you are. Remember, most prom dresses need some alterations to suit your body perfectly. Alterations could be on closing the slit or fixing the bust line, or even make the dress a little tighter to become more fitted.

 Deciding on the Right Plus Size Prom Dress?

Once you’ve your dress size, it is time to go shopping. It is a wise idea to browse the prom section of the site, look for different categories, and understand what you are looking for. Give yourself a good amount of time to select a gown that you’ve completely fallen in love with.  For instance, you will decide if you prefer a mermaid dress, ball gown, fitted, strapless or halter, lace or silk, short or long, or you might even decide to wear a nice classy jumpsuit.  Are you a romantic, are you motivated by 50s styles, or do you prefer something modern? Another important factor is what color dress you want to choose. What color shoes do you want to match with your dress? Having an idea of what you need prior to going shopping can save you hours in the dressing room. It is also suggested you know which outfits will accent your best features.

Have you thought about your hairstyle?

Numerous hairstyles are great with no accessories. If you like to use a hair accessory, many updo styles look good with tiaras and clips and other small add-ons that increase the overall look. Various hair accessory shops have good small hair add-ons, so look around.

Each year, around February to March, some young girls decide to change their hairstyle right before the event. This is true for most senior high school women about to graduate because it is the last dance. A Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment can remove hair frizz; these two treatments will add shine to your hair and make it much easier to style. Looking for a good hair mask that helps your hair hydrate and nurture is a smart idea in case you don’t want to spend much on Keratin or Brazillian.

Use hair masks once a week, and leave it on your hair for at least an hour before rinsing it. Check out Pinterest and YouTube to find some useful tips about prom hairstyles. Another quick way to obtain prom hairstyles is to utilize the Google search engine image search feature for ‘prom hairstyles.’ Images include anything from magazine images to pictures from prom visitors who’ve posted them on several websites. Many Websites provide a variety of prom hairstyles.  Another great idea is to watch YouTube or check Instagram and Pinterest to find your favorite hairstyle.

Watching the Academy Awards in April, you will see some amazing hairstyles. Major celebrities attending the event will have breathtaking, hottest, and elegant hairstyles, which might work with the rest of your prom attire. You will want to call in advance to arrange your hair and make-up appointments. It’s possible even to wish to stop in 2-3 weeks in advance or have an appointment to talk to your hairdresser and find out what the stylist can do for you. Before your consultation, take photos of hairstyles you like and bring them along.

Your stylist will advise you on which look will work for your hair type and will style you accordingly.  That’s why you must prepare well for your long night so your evening is spectacular. The excitement of the prom night is more than what you can describe. Your dream of enchantment comes alive by wearing a stunning dress and a nice pair of shoes. You’d want to feel the elegance and sexiness in the prom. You will be noticed by everyone around you and photographed.

Add high-heeled lace prom shoes with glistening rhinestones and sling straps to your outfit, and you’ll be standing fairly in the ball. Almost any design, from dyeable white lace shoes to silk ones, will suit you. A set of silver or gold couture day shoes with medium heels is a wonderful complement to your garment for your prom. Shoes with rear straps are excellent for accentuating your height and your heels. Heightening platform shoes or delicate silk sandals ought to be your choice of accessory whenever you would like to focus attention on your feet.

Pair them with a brief dress that shows off your legs. You will ensure that your high-heeled footwear will not send you tripping over your skirt and sprawling on the floor. Your evening must go flawlessly on your night, and here are a few things you may do to ensure it does: The heels of your shoes ought to be the right height. Low heels are better on taller ladies, and high heels suit ladies of shorter stature.  You won’t want to soar your head and shoulders over your date, so be sure to try on several selections of heels before settling for the right one.

Your shoes should match your dress. A mismatch of shoes and gown spells disaster, particularly since they’ll avert everybody’s gaze to your legs. So take your dress to the shoe store whenever you shop for sandals. Trust me; you cannot go far wrong. Put bobby pins on your bag. If your shoe strap goes off with your frenetic dancing, you’ll have pins to fasten it in place and continue to dance your night away.

Come on, we’re going to #Prom (in the backyard that is)

Here is a prom-style checklist to ensure you do not forget anything.

Gown Shoes Jewelry Hair Accessories
Tuxedo Cuff links Shoes Accessories men’s cufflinks

Last but not least:

Phones should be charged at all times. Children, keep your parents on speed dial. Parents, be ready to answer the call if your kid has an emergency. That would be a night of beautiful fun. The best way to ensure your prom night goes off without a hitch would be to concentrate on safety.

Ladies who haven’t picked out a dress, shoes, and necklace since early autumn will be in a mad rush to obtain the best prom look. If you decide to buy your prom dress online, make sure your dress comes on time. Pick your bag, do your nails, eat an energizing meal during the day, and have fun.  Don’t forget to share your prom pictures with Jovani so we can post them both on the website and Instagram.

Once you’ve got your ‘Prom 2023 Checklist’ all set, it’s time to think ahead. Dive into ‘Chic and Trendy Prom Styles for 2024‘ to discover what’s next in prom fashion. This article will give you a glimpse into the future of prom trends, ensuring that your style is not only current but also ahead of the curve for your unforgettable evening.

Prom Dresses – FAQ

What prom dress should I wear?

Choosing the right one for you can be a hard task. To make the right choice, consider how each option suits you, your personality, body shape, and skin tone. You should wear a dress that makes you feel flattered and comfortable. The design should also suit your school’s event and dress code.

When are prom dresses 2023 in stores? 

You can find the collection of 2023

in stores all year around. If you want to shop the new collection for the upcoming prom season, it’s best to check in stores in the Fall or early Winter. This will give you the widest range of choices and access to all the newest designs.

Where to buy prom dresses in 2023?

You can find the Jovani brand in thousands of US, Worldwide, and online stores. The best place to buy yours is at an official retailer boutique or store. These legitimate locations allow you to browse and try on many new styles. You can also place an order to be delivered for any size or style that’s not in stock.

How do you buy prom dresses online?

When purchasing online, the website you use must have the best reputation. Only shop through an official website to ensure you buy an authentic one and avoid counterfeit designs. Plan your purchase so you can try the dress when it arrives, and allow for shipping and delivery.

Are the prom dresses long or short?

Your outfit doesn’t have to be long unless your school has outlined a specific requirement or it’s a formal event. Usually, you are free to choose between a short, midi, or long. You can also try different options, such as prom jumpsuits and two-pieces.

What prom dresses suit my shape?

To flatter your shape, the best choice is to try it on in person if possible. Visit your local Jovani retailer boutique and try on a variety of silhouettes. Be open-minded and pick out a few styles you might otherwise overlook. It’s a good option to try on at least one mermaid dress, one A-line gown, and one bodycon style. From there, you’ll see what design features flatter you.

What is the prom dress code?

The dress code for prom is usually formal. This means that girls wear a formal gown, and boys dress in a suit or tuxedo for their prom night. Some proms may have certain themes or particular styles to consider when picking your dress. Make sure you check with your prom committee.

What prom dress color should I wear?

The color you pick is just as important as the style of dress. The right tone should flatter your skin tone and give you a gorgeous glow. To test the color, try on the dress or hold some of the fabric across your shoulders. Look in the mirror to see how the shade impacts your skin.

How do you store prom dresses?

Store it away from the sun or bright light sources in a cool but moisture-free space. It’s best to store your dress lying flat to avoid wrinkles or hanging straight up. Cover with a dress bag to protect from dust and stains.

What prom dress sites are legit?

If you’re unsure what prom dress sites are safe or legit, always shop through the brand’s official store and website.  Buy your favorite dress of 2023 directly from the Jovani website.

People Also Ask
What are good prom dress websites?

Good clothing websites such as sell only authentic designs by the brand they represent. Avoid fake outfits by shopping online through the brand’s website or official retailer stores listed on their site. The best websites are ones that offer you guaranteed designer pieces at the best price.

What is a reasonable price for a prom dress?

The average price for a prom dress can range from $500 – $1,000. The amount you decide to spend is completely up to you. The most reasonable price is one you can afford which fits your budget. The average cost that many teen girls spend is around $900.

What is the most expensive prom dress in the world?

Dress Goddess, a store in Dress Goddess, designed the most expensive prom dress in the world. The couture one-off piece was a strapless gown covered in sparkling diamonds, crafted intricately by hand, and valued at just under $14,000.

Can I wear a white prom dress?

Yes! White is a great color to wear as a prom dress. If you are worried you will look like you’re wearing a wedding dress, pick colorful accessories such as a red pair of heels or a printed clutch to complete your look. The white color suits everyone and combines beautifully with any other color.

What color should I wear for prom?

Pick a prom dress color based on your skin tone and hair color. Warm colors like burgundy, gold, reds, purples, and pinks are great options for many as they add a glow to many skin tone types. The best way to choose the right color is to try your favorite options and see how the color impacts you.

Does prom stand for anything?

Prom is short for promenade and originates from the events in the 19th century when universities would hold special banquets or dances to celebrate the graduating class at the end of the year.

When should I start looking for prom dresses?

The best time to begin shopping is in the Fall or Winter months. Most new formal dress collections land in your local store or boutique in the Fall of that school year. December of January is a great time to go shopping as you will find the widest range available. You will also have plenty of time to make your final choice.

Can I wear a short dress to prom?

Unless your school has outlined a specific dress code for your prom, it’s perfectly fine to wear a short dress to prom. You can opt for any length of dress you feel comfortable in. Many girls are even choosing alternatives such as jumpsuits and two-pieces.

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