Yellow Prom Dresses

Welcome to a world of sunshine and style with Jovani’s Yellow Prom Dresses! Bursting with vibrancy and glamour, our collection captures the joy of youth and the excitement of prom night. Each dress, carefully crafted with exquisite detailing and luxurious fabrics, promises to make you the center of attention. Explore our yellow prom dress collection today and add a splash of color to your special night!

With various styles, lengths, and shades, there is a perfect yellow dress for everyone. Ready to dive into a world of sunshine and elegance? Discover a range of styles, from elegant ball gowns that make a grand entrance to flirty cocktail dresses perfect for dancing the night away.

  • Jovani 59762 Low V Neck Sequin Sheath Dress

  • Jovani S04667 Light Yellow High Slit Sleeveless Pageant Dress

  • Jovani S07572 Yellow One Shoulder Silk Couture Ballgown

  • Jovani 08480 Yellow Tulle Tiered Skirt Maxi Dress

  • Jovani 23322 Hot Pink Pleated Maxi Chiffon Dress

  • Jovani 55634 Off White Floral Tulle Ballgown

  • Jovani 60283 Pink V Neck Sexy Prom Dress

  • Jovani 3263 Sequin Sheath Long Dress

  • Jovani 08225 Lime Beaded Illusion Sexy Dress

  • Jovani 05647 Embellished One Shoulder Prom Dress

  • Jovani 08153 Yellow Glitter High Slit Dress

  • Jovani 23325 Yellow Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

  • Yellow One Shoulder Sheath Dress 38240

  • Yellow Off The shoulder Pleated Dress 37389

  • Yellow Plunging Neck Ruched Waist Dress 37614

  • Yellow Simple V neck Dress 23701

  • Yellow Off the Shoulder Sheer Sides Gown 24611

  • Yellow One Shoulder Pleated Dress 36462

  • Yellow V Neckline Beaded Gown 38004

  • Hot Pink Embellished One Shoulder Dress 05647

  • Yellow Embellished Illusion Bodice A Line Gown 38674

  • Jovani 06450 Silver Green Backless Sequin Dress

  • Red Mermaid Bridesmaid Gown 32602

Discover the latest Yellow Prom Dress Collection:

Look Fabulous in one of Jovani’s Yellow Prom Dress from the Fall Collection, where you’ll find the perfect gown to make you stand out at your prom night. Jovani’s Collection offers beautiful Yellow Gowns in Elegant gold and Soft pastel yellow. Browse and explore beautiful styles in different silhouettes and Necklines. Make a statement and create lasting memories in a stunning yellow dress.

Mustard Yellow Dresses:

Make your prom night unforgettable with the Yellow Prom Dress Collection. Jovani Collection features mustard yellow and pale yellow. Step into the fashion world with our captivating collection of mustard yellow. Unlike bright yellow, this unique color is more like the warm, rich color of the earth. It looks classy and is a great choice for any special event. Mustard yellow, a rich blend of gold and amber hues, encapsulates the elegance of a sunset. It’s a color that resonates with the vibrancy of summer and autumn’s deep and rich tones. This versatility makes it a flattering shade, appealing to skin tones and matching with various accessories. Mustard yellow dresses are available in many lengths and designs to suit your unique taste.

Golden Yellow:

As the name suggests, this shade of yellow has a golden hue. It’s a glamorous and luxurious color often used in formal gowns and cocktail dresses.

Lemon Yellow:

This is a bright and vibrant shade of yellow, much like the color of fresh lemon. It’s a great choice for spring or summer events, as it reflects the cheerfulness of those seasons.

Pastel Yellow:

This is a soft, light shade of yellow that’s very feminine and delicate. Pastel yellow dresses are perfect for daytime events, garden parties, or casual weddings.

Sunflower Yellow:

This is a vibrant, medium-dark shade of yellow, like the petals of a sunflower. This color is eye-catching and great for those who want to stand out in a crowd.

Long Yellow Prom Dresses

Unleash your inner sunshine with our collection of long yellow dresses. This radiant color symbolizes joy and optimism. It is ideal for making a memorable impression at your prom. The long gowns offer an elegant silhouette, creating an illusion of height and grace. Our long yellow dresses are designed with various necklines and sleeve options. Embrace the color of happiness with a long yellow dress and let your personality shine bright.

Yellow plus size Prom Gowns

Check out our collection of yellow plus-size dresses. These dresses are designed to make you feel great and look stunning. Yellow is bright and happy, like the sun, and can light up any room. Our plus-size dresses come in many shades of yellow, from a light, soft pastel to a rich, warm mustard. Each dress is made to fit and flatter your shape. Some pieces feature a wide waistband to highlight your curves. Others are designed in flowing fabric for a bit of extra movement. Flowy fabrics, like chiffon or silk, give dresses a soft, graceful movement.

Short Vs. Long

Choosing between a short or long yellow prom dress depends on how you want to capture your prom night. Wear a short, sunflower yellow dress for a lively, youthful look. The long mustard yellow gown might be perfect for a more formal and sophisticated feel. Short and long yellow dresses hold unique and fashion-forward appeal regardless of length.

Yellow Ballgown

We have ballgowns in all shades of yellow, from a cool lemon to a warm mustard. These dresses also have neat features like sparkly sequins or pretty lace. Plus, they’re designed to fit well, so you’ll feel comfy all night. So, why not try a yellow ballgown for your big night and be the belle of the ball? Discover our popular collection of ballgowns with layered skirts. These dresses are designed with many layers of luxurious fabric that add volume and create a dramatic effect. Each layer flows as you move, creating a mesmerizing, fluid silhouette.

The collection of yellow prom dresses offers an array of styles to make your prom night shine bright. Remember, yellow is not the only color that can make a splash at prom. If you’re looking for another vibrant option, don’t forget to explore our collection of orange dresses. So step out confidently and make your prom night one to remember with our stunning range of dresses.