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How to find a Perfect Prom Dress

perfect prom dress

Finding your perfect dress is often a challenging part of planning for prom. There are so many styles, colors, and silhouettes out there to choose from. Expert guidance from stylists at Jovani will help you find a look that complements you the best. Look no further if you’re thinking about how to choose a prom dress.

Your choice will depend on several factors such as body type, skin tone, and face shape. Prom season is a time to shine by wearing a perfect gown teamed with a flawless hairstyle and makeup.

The perfect prom dress for you is one that flatters your body type. Prom dress shopping doesn't have to be a headache and finding your dream look is made simple with our collection. Here you'll find many perfect prom dresses including two-piece options, high-low looks, short prom designs, and long mermaid styles. Choose a unique design and show off your style with our helpful guide to assist you in finding a beautiful prom dress with the perfect fit.

Shopping for a special occasion is a wonderful experience. Certain style elements and designs will apply to your features. Be mindful of themes and color schemes to adhere to.

Discovering what flatters your features is an important step in finding my perfect prom dress. Knowing what looks good and what enhances you and personality is key. Make sure you are looking and feeling great on your special day.



Best Styles For Every Body Type

If you’re slender and petite, find your prom dress that creates an illusion of stature. Wear shimmery colors like silver and gold that bring the eyes upward and add volume.

Other styles that look great on this body type are bold patterns. Short cocktail dresses are fantastic to show off your curves and will enhance any sexy hourglass shape. A mermaid gown is a perfect choice for this figure and is also a big trend in the fashion world.

perfect two piece dress For curvy figures, the best prom dresses for your prom night are form-fitting gowns in solid colors. Monochromatic shades create a vertical line that has a slimming effect. Jeweled embellishments are also flattering and add a dash of classic Hollywood glam.

For busty figures, a sheath style is the perfect dress. Give your look a sleek shape whilst showing off your curves. Stay away from bright patterns and look for monochromatic shades.

Understated colors like nude and shades of pink are a perfect choice for curvy figures. The little black dress is also an ideal choice for its simple elegance and tailored A-line dress cut.

If you’re full-figured, look for dresses that enhance your bust. Plunging V-neck, striking sweetheart or off-the-shoulder necklines are well suited to this body type. Other styles that work well are classic ball gowns with full skirts and solid colors.

If your body type is more boyish try to create extra sparkle and femininity. Go big with ruffles, embellishments, and shimmery metallic fabrics. Make sure your prom night is one to remember in shimmering gowns fitted to your figure.

Did you know? Prom Dress Shopping Facts!

  • The average girl tries on around 8 prom dresses before she finds the perfect fit for her.
  • The most popular color for prom dresses in blue. 
  • The most expensive prom dress ever created was valued at $14,000 and was made in Philadelphia.
  • In 2018, a controversial prom dress hit the headlines when a girl in Utah wore a Chinese themed dress on her prom night. The dress sparked a lively online debate about cultural appropriation.
  • Some of the most unique DIY prom dresses have been made from household items such as duct tape, comic books, newspapers, soda tabs, and even toilet paper! 
  • Prom actually used to be more casual. In the 1900s, girls just wore their "Sunday" clothing and didn't buy a special dress. This all began to change in the 1960s when prom dresses became more popular.
  • In 2018, students at Kauai High School protested their school's strict dress code for prom. They were banned from wearing backless dresses and plunging necklines. 
  • Most girls start shopping for their prom dress around 3 months before their prom night.
  • Corsages were originally worn on the waist.
  • Other average prom expenses include around $70 for a professional hairstyle and $40 for a professional manicure.
  • Girls typically spend just over 50% of their prom budget on their dream dress. They spend another 15% on hair and makeup, and 15% on accessories. The rest of their budget includes tickets, transportation and dinner costs.


Best Colors For Your Skin Tone 

If you have fair skin, shades with light pink and blue undertones work well. Jewel-toned shades of sapphire and ruby are full of grace for this skin tone. Other colors that complement this skin tone are bright pastels. Find your perfect prom dress within these color spectrums.

perfect mermaid dressChoosing blues and greens as well as classic shades of white and black will complement this skin tone. Subtle colors like silver and violet also pair well with pale, soft undertones.

Medium skin with pink and peach undertones and light-colored eyes suite soft pastels. Favor an outfit that has lavender, plum or eggshell blue tones. You may be wondering how to find the right prom dress for this tone, so stick to these light and pretty colors.

If your skin is earthy and peach-toned, the best colors to look for are bold patterned prints. Striking red and green shades will work beautifully, and metallic gold will create a gorgeous glow.

If your skin is dark with golden or reddish tones, look for gowns in ivory, champagne, and shimmery gold. Other colors that look fabulous with this skin tone are bright orange, red, and yellow shades.



Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Now that we've established colors that suit you and the perfect prom gown for your figure, it’s time to consider your face shape when styling your hair. If your face is oval, your perfect bone structure goes great with almost any hairstyle.

perfect lace dressIf your face is heart-shaped, use your hair to draw attention to the cheeks. The best hairstyles to complement a small chin and wider top half of the face are mid-length curls. Soft waves at the cheekbone and long, flowing waves with side-swept bangs will create a frame around your face.

If you have a full-cheeked, round face, choose an up-do, or mid-length waves. This will take the focus away from prominent cheeks and elongate your face.

If you have a square face with a wide jaw and well-defined chin, the best hairstyles are long or mid-length. Work textured layers and bob cuts with relaxed waves to create a softening effect on your face.

Make sure you choose a look that fits your style, figure, and special occasion. Make sure you have a fantastic prom night planned with your perfect prom dress that you feel and look great in.

The Best Prom Dress For You

Choosing the perfect gown can be a hard task. There’s a lot to think about when approaching how to find perfect prom dress. You should consider your school's prom theme, your body shape, hair color, and skin tone. As well as these factors, you also will want a dress that matches your own taste and preferences.

You may be the kind of girl who likes to go bold and extra in glamorous Hollywood themed prom dresses. These can be sexy and fitted, with sequins, metallic fabrics, and embellishments. To find my prom dress, you need to include your own style and taste.

Other girls may prefer a gown that is simple and refined. These subtle prom dresses can be minimal and chic, featuring lace or simple details with a focus on the perfect silhouette. 


How to Choose The Perfect Prom Dress

Visit your nearest Jovani retailer to begin your prom dress shopping experience. You can try on a variety of gowns to see which is the best prom dress for your shape. You should also consider your natural beauty and how to best flaunt it.

For example, there are certain prom dresses for pale skin that best match the lighter tone, while other shades will best match with darker skin tones. Another important consideration is hair color. Prom dresses for blondes or brunettes will vary and can make or break your final prom look.

Choose your prom dress based on the big picture - how it suits your body and simply how it flatters you overall. Consider the color of the dress as well as the gown's shape and silhouette to make your final decision. 



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