High Low Prom Dresses

High low prom dresses have a shorter hemline, usually at the front, and gradually get longer. This creates a striking and unique look that has become popular for proms, parties and wedding guests. The varying length of the hem means your dress can be simultaneously a cocktail dress and longer length gown! From the front, you can look short and sweet as the hem allows you to show off your legs. From behind, the longer length gives your dress a semi-formal look. It's the perfect solution if you feel restricted in longer formal gowns. You’ll also find high low dresses that are twisted to the side, creating an eye-catching effect. 

High Low Dresses

High low dresses offer you a way to stand out with your unique dress choice. Beyond the amazing varied hem, you'll find high low dresses in so many different style options. This includes formal high low dresses that are perfect for wedding guests in bright colors or sparkling embellishments. We also offer a wide selection of fabrics such as jersey and chiffon, as well as many finishes including nude underlays, lace and ribbon waistbands. A printed high low dress will stand out at cocktail parties or semi-formal events. This can include floral print or an abstract design in a variety of color choices.

High Low Prom and Evening Dresses

High low prom and evening dresses offer you a way to make a fashion statement at your formal event. The shorter front makes it easier to hit the dance floor on prom night if you choose a high low prom dress. A high low evening dress will suit a selection of formal events such as military balls, dances or parties. The length makes this a great choice for attending a wedding too as it’s easy to move around and a stylish choice.