Red Sleeveless Fitted Prom Dress 36599


Style Code: 36599
Available Colors:
Available Sizes: 00 - 24

This dress has been archived and is no longer in production. But you still might find this dress on sale at one of our retailers, you can check stock using the search features below.

Full Description:

What’s better than about 4 different dresses in one?! Not too sure, but let us know if you come up with something. We are loving this multi way worn dress! The simple silhouette has beautiful seam work and great zipper detailing on jersey fabric. Not only are the zippers great illusion elements, but they are actually functioning zippers. The functioning zippers along the waistline and thigh allow this dress to be working multiple ways! This dress can be worn as a full-length gown, a two-piece gown, a cocktail or a two-piece cocktail. Now, that’s what we would call a complete package! This multi way worn dress is also offered in multiple colors! Take your pick from a selection of choices ranging from periwinkle to aubergine, you can’t go wrong!