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Nine out of ten prom parties are held in summer. The end of classes usually coincides with the increase of temperature. This weather change makes it hard to enjoy the night by not wearing the right dress. Because the heat often gets in the way and it becomes quite difficult to bear it. In winter time, the prom dresses that have to be chosen are not as tricky as for a summer event, since you can attend with the common fabrics from which the gowns are made or prefer a style with sleeves and not have a distressed time. That is why, Jovani has a wide range of Prom Dresses Nebraska, having the most beautiful outfits that cause fury in our local stores.

Being a relatively large state, two types of climate coexist on this land. In the eastern half of the state there is a humid continental climate, and in the western half, semi-arid continental steppe weather. The whole land experiences variations throughout the year. This weather's hesitation makes the choice of clothing complicated by the constant changes. But, since it's summer, you should opt for a light fabric dress and accompany it with a jacket or a small cape.

Off the shoulder

In the summertime, it is more common to show some skin, since, with high temperatures, being very covered can make you we feel very hot and start sweating. Stress will also cause bad times, and that's what is one of the biggest fears and your least wish in such a memorable event

Off the shoulder style dresses are those that have sagging shoulders details and had become a fundamental and perfect piece to wear in a summer event. It manages to keep the area of the neck and cleavage clear and fresh, but more fashionably and elegantly.

Cut - Out

If you want to show your skin in a fashionable, strategically and elegantly, then the best option to achieve it will be with the cut-out dress. They differ by being designed with small cuts on the sides or waist. This model type will allow you to show a pretty cool and elegant look for a summer event.

Dresses with transparencies

The styles of gowns that have transparencies are usually the safe choice to become the stars of the party. It has a fabric that is quite thin, fresh, and chic. For this type of dress, you can include the styles that are openwork.

As in the two types of previous dresses, sophistication and elegance should be taken into account. We have to try not to look too sexy with an excessive or too provocative outfit. These are aspects that are frowned upon for this type of event during summer.




Get the best prom dresses at your nearest store in Nebraska. Shop at the top Jovani retailer boutiques and stores in your state. Get an authentic Jovani garment by shopping from our retailer list. This is the best way to guarantee you purchase a real designer item and have an amazing experience finding your dress for prom. Prom dresses in Nebraska are now in stock and available in many sizes. This includes gowns to fit petite and plus size teens. Ideal junior and senior gowns for any graduation ball or prom night. 

The new collection of dresses includes many of the top trends you'll see during prom season. Sparkling sequins, detailed bead-work, and glamorous crystals. Jovani's pieces always pay attention to shape and silhouette. That means every girl can find a gown that fits beautifully. Shop a range of long bodycon dresses, A-line gowns, and short or midi designs. Find a gorgeous neckline from our sweetheart, halter, crew, and v-neck selections. Choose the right color and style that makes you feel the most flattered and confident. Enjoy the great experience of shopping for your prom dress at a top Jovani retailer. 

Casual dresses

If what you want is to opt for the textiles that let your skin breathe and at the same time designs with a fluid fall you should pick a comfortable model. The fabrics that are fresh are characterized by not sticking to the body. That's why they become perfect for events that take place in summer.

If you are in an event with high temperatures, what you should avoid are thick materials and that sticks to your bodies. This decision will cause you to spend critical moments and show up without elegance.


Always remember that headdresses are a trend for guests in this type of event. In previous times, it was not usual to see attendees with hair accessories, but now with the great variety that exists, there are guests of all ages complementing their look with a headdress.

That is why if you are invited to a summer event and that it will take place during the day, your perfect ally will be a hat or a headdress.

For events that have a relaxed style, organized outdoors, in a rural place, it is fashionable to wear a canotier.


As for the hairstyle, choose to wear your hair up high, as it will keep strands away from your neck. So there will be nothing that bothers you in the face and that does not let you be free when enjoying the party. You can also make a ponytail that falls in front of one of your shoulders. What matters is to settle with a look that does not suffocate or bother you.


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