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There are many types of parties, but there's only one prom party. It is the most desired date since your first day of classes. More than the closing of a phase, it marks the beginning of another. That's why you must choose the right tools to look fantastic that night. Like the design of your dress, the fabric in which you will gird yourself and, most importantly, the color you will wear. Because in addition to choosing the color according to the tone of your skin and the place where you live you must take into account the colors that set trends in the current season.


Therefore, Jovani, an important brand in the fashion world, has a special and dedicated store in Mississippi, with a unique prom dresses collection which presents the colors that reign the spring-summer season.

About Mississipi

Mississippi, one of the states in the South of the United States, its southern border has parts formed by the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi River forms the western border of the state. The population of the state is approximately 3 million inhabitants. Jackson is the capital and largest city of Mississippi; it has a population of approximately 175,000 people.


Regarding the weather of Mississippi, it is warm and humid year-round along most of its cities. So you can consider this climate conditions to choose the perfect prom dresses Mississippi for you to look stunning at your prom party.

It is not a specific color, but wearing this pattern on the fabric of your dress has become a trend this year. So if you like prom dresses with flower prints, you can use it on your party without fear of being fined by the fashion police.

Classic Red

Like black or white, red always reigns every walkway it attends. This year you can use it in both of its extreme versions. That is, in a super intense and striking red or in a soft tone. The range of reds is huge. A long gown dyed this color, or with an open back will make you look sexy and perfect that long-awaited night.

Black and White

This combination is the favorite ever. It achieves a unique and timeless contrast. Although in previous years, it was the combination of colors seen in weddings or events, the designers have known how to use both colors very wisely. For white meets the tranquility and hope you want in your new stage, while the black, being a serious color, represents the end of your school life. A perfect pair for the occasion, and that a two-piece dress will create an enviable look.

Elegant Blue

It will not meet the formality and sensuality of the color black, but the blue always manages to be elegant if you unite the design with the perfect tone. Whether long or short, the garment can be combined with lace, different neckline cuts, prints or accessories. You will not look overloaded. You will look extravagant in the good sense of the word.

The surprise color of 2018. When we noticed it on the catwalks it was a surprise, however, a good one. You can wear your prom dress in purple and in all its variants. There's a vast range of lighter and darker tones. Remember that it will depend a lot on the type of fabric you use. Choose a tulle if it is a light shade, or a velvet dress if you opt for a more lit tone, so you will achieve a balance. An elegant color that you will adore and love.
Two colors, one dress

Another new feature of the year is the permission to combine two contrast colors. You can mix two shades of the same color, or choose to combine a strong color with a light one. Also, you can take the freedom of combining details such as stripes with diamonds to close a fresh and youthful look. You could say that it is a daring but very effective look.

In your prom party you will steal all glances if you have the pink on you. It is one of the colors that most attract attention. It will add style and personality to your design. Well, many refuse to use it because it can be associated with a weak palette. When what really matters is how you can take advantage of it, and enhance your essence. Use it in elegant models with romantic cuts and that favors your silhouette.

You already know the trendy colors that everyone is wearing in Mississippi this 2018. You can complement it with asymmetrical dresses or with bare backs, because, like these colors, they are the models that mark the season. Also, do not forget to wear a long dress for the big night. With fabrics such as silks and tulles, textiles with brocades, lace, and rhinestones.