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Prom dresses are an exceptional item for a teenager. Prom dresses are like the dreamed evening dress. When an adolescent celebrates its graduation party, there are many feeling involves. This is why for this unique night, you must look spectacular. Jovani, a prestigious brand of the fashion world has a dedicated prom dresses Minnesota collection. Dresses that were specially designed for you to shine at that dreamed party.

Minnesota has more than five million inhabitants. Its lands are home to a significant amount of nature, including prairies, deciduous forests, and the boreal forest. This is why is known as the "Land of 10,000 lakes". From it derives the color of its flag, where the blue color predominates, having it as the only complement the state shield.

Your dress can be that turquoise blue. Or you can get carried away by fashion, keep in mind the new styles that encompass what is trendy and choose the right color for your personality to shine. That is why you must take into account the colors that lead the trend this spring-summer season 2018, so Jovani, an important brand in the fashion world, shows you a range of colors so that you can choose the right dress.


Ultra Violet

 This color is triumphing in this season because the hue of this purple is closely related to the universe and the cosmos. It is impossible that you try to go unnoticed if you wear a color as stunning as this one is. For something this elegant tone has been chosen as the flag color this 2018, is seen on all the catwalks of the world.

Pink Lavander

Wear a pink shade never fails, steals glances, attracts attention and causes compliments. It is also a very spring look. It becomes a delicate lavender rose, with flashes of romanticism, which gives the sensation of calm and tranquility, without losing its striking natural.

Blooming Dahlia

Continuing with a palette of bright colors, the orange, in a very low peach tonality, will highlight a tanned skin, and, if you complement it with the right makeup, it is an attractive option to wear.

Chili Oil

 This tone, although it recalls the autumnal colors, allows creating surprising combinations. It is an earthy red that adds some depth to the fashion palette this 2018. You can wear it with yellow, a slightly soft blue or with pink to create a good contrast if you choose to choose a dress with two pieces.

Spring Crocus

Being a shade close to the Ultra Violet, the Spring Crocus becomes more daring because it is a bright fuchsia pink, which expresses your seductive side. At the same time, wearing it will make you spend a lot of charm. In previous seasons it has been raised as the color of the year, so it is a proposal to always consider.

Almost Mauve

Pastel pink tone, even much dimmer than those shown above. It is a very romantic and delicate tone. At the same time very soft and subtle. Suitable for any commitment, with a preference for outdoor events. It complements well on a short dress with embroidery or black lace.

Cherry Tomato

Red, like black or white, is a color that is always present in the trends of the season. Regardless of the tone, it is always there. This year is in a sexy and bold tone. Without getting to touch its most extreme side, like orange or yellow. Another tone to use in a warm environment or outdoors, with a dress of gauze or tulle.


Very few shades of brown become a trend this season, much less in a spring-summer. This tone, very similar to chocolate, shows the most classic version of brown. Wear it and wear it with a long and fitted dress for your evening. Being a serious color will give you a formal, but elegant touch.

Lime Punch

One of the surprises of the season. This tone of lime with flashes of green is striking or intense. Be careful when using it. If you want to risk and steal your looks wherever you go, this is your tone. Combine the dress with accessories of a single color.

Baby Blue

The blue is present with a pastel tone. The "baby blue" is a delicate tone, has been seen on the catwalks in previous years in similar tones. At the same time, it is described as a marine color, ideal to wear it in an event on the beach, regardless of whether it is day or night. Dress this color in an asymmetrical design or an open back dress, with a low cut on the back. Preferably wear it in a thin fabric, in transparencies or tulle.