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5050 zelle drive bridgeport MI 48722 ,united states

Jovani Dresses at Viper Apparel in Bridgeport, Mi

Shop at Viper Apparel to pick from many Jovani dresses in Bridgeport, MI. This leading boutique is an authorized place to buy Jovani evening dresses from our range of options for formal functions. Whatever the occasion or dress code, you'll find long and short dresses to match every event including weddings, prom, and graduation. All sizes and shapes are designed for, including many color selections and different fabrics. This stunning boutique has the right gown for any event and all women can find their ideal dress. Get help choosing the best size or style for you, as the helpful staff can assist you with prices or making an order. Shop for any length or style and try on the full range of jumpsuits, long gowns and short dresses.

Visit us today at 5050 ZELLE DRIVE, BRIDGEPORT, MI 48722 in United States! Phone: 989-401-5001
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