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Do you already have the prom dresses, Maine?

Knowing what prom dress to choose is a decision too important. Try many models of dresses, with different cuts and styles often get to confuse you more. Such a special event needs you to have a perfect prom dress. Outside of what everyone else uses, you must find a dress that will help you feel totally you. The problem when you search for the ideal dress, many times is that you do not know what type of cut is perfect for the shape of your body. Therefore, it is essential that you find a brand that will help you define the shape of your body and advise you on the ideal dress.

Jovani, a major brand of the fashion industry, helps you choose the right dress according to the shape of your silhouette. Since 1980, this brand has been innovating in the world of fashion. With prom dresses Maine of different cuts, designs, lengths, and colors, they manage to make unique dresses for special occasions. Various celebrities have used a design by Jovani in important red carpet events. Among them, we have Selena Gomez, Jewel, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Besides, one of the great advantages of choosing the Jovani brand is that it is found in almost all the states of the USA. Do you live in Maine?


Maine is one of the most popular states in the United States. Its capital is Augusta. It was admitted as a state in March 1820. It is located in the Northwest region of USA. It borders Canada to the north and east. During the last census, there was an approximate of 1 328 361 inhabitants. Its most populated city is Portland. Next, to Louisiana, Maine is one of the states with a strong tradition and presence of the French language.


Maine is distinguished by having three climatological sectors. Among them, we find the coastal region, the southern interior, and the northern interior. On the one hand, the coastal part enjoys a great maritime climate. Therefore, the temperature is average winter. The summers are very cool. On the other hand, the southern zone has the climate too warm. Finally, the part of the northern interior has a continental climate, where the winter temperature is very low.

For Jovani it is very important to take into account the weather before creating the dresses. This, because they must be suitable for that city. Because of the varied climate of Maine, the prom dresses of this city have to be fresh. That's why, inside of them we find the ball gown dress, the mermaid cut dress and the two-piece dress.

Another important factor in finding the right prom dress is to take into account the type of body you have. To begin with, we can distinguish five body types. Which, revolve around the measurements of the bust, hip, shoulders, and waist. The body types are triangle shape, hourglass shape, apple shape, inverted triangle and rectangular body.

In the first place, the dresses with the line in A are the correct ones for the girls with a triangular body. They can be dressed with or without sleeves. It is characterized by having the top very tight and from the hips have a gently wide drop. Secondly, if you are a girl with an hourglass shape, the ideal dress is with a mermaid cut. A very tight and flared dress from the height of the knees. Third, if you have the apple body, you have to use a prom dress to help you conceal the thick areas of your body. The perfect model is V-shaped and flared from the waist. Fourthly, if you are a girl with a rectangular body, the indicated thing is to wear a prom dress ball gown. It is a very tight dress at the waist and bulky from the hips. Help to give width in the hips so that your body looks in harmony. It's the perfect dress if you want to look like a true Disney princess.

Remember that defining the type of body you have will be the essential first step. After that, you can find your prom dress faster. Good luck!