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In our first days at school, we do not think about the last one. But we do not realize that it is the prom party, a day that awaits us. As the years pass and pass, we become more aware of that date, becoming more and more anxious. This does not take away the feeling of nostalgia that emanates. When there are no more years, but months, despair joins these feelings due to many factors. One of them is caused by going through several shops, looking at various models of prom dresses, hoping to find the right one. Without thinking that the indicated is one of Jovani’s Prom Dresses Kansas.


This state, which belongs since 1861 to the United States of America, limits the north with Nebraska, the east with Missouri, the south with Oklahoma and the west with Colorado. Being the geodesic center of North America, it is used as a reference for all maps of the regional government. Agriculture and livestock were its main source of income in past decades, due to that it is known as the Wheat State, for being the largest national producer of this cereal. Without a doubt, it is an important state for the history of the country.


Therefore, opening more branches in these lands was a priority for Jovani, who wants to present their spring-summer 2023 collection in a big way. And what better way to do it than in a state with as much identity as Kansas. That the strength, the grace and the class that emanates resemble the idea with which the designers elaborated each prom dress. That, incidentally, each gown has stolen all the flattery and applause in each haute couture catwalk they have been present.  


The range of designs presented this season tries to meet the present trends including a vintage or retro style. They have been inspired by the golden age of the USA, the decade of the twenties, in which each attire was worn with grace and vigor. They were the main attraction while being used to parade through a red carpet, and then be shaken with each step in the dance floor without losing the elegance or the composure that characterizes every lady.

To this, they have added the minimalist style, because the key lies in how simple and pure the models can be. Less is more, and Jovani has this mission clear in this season collection. Among their dresses stand out the mermaid kind and empire court gown. Both styles represent a different type of glamour.


The mermaid cut portrays the silhouette of the marine mythological being because the upper part of the dress is fitted, girding the bust and highlighting it, while the skirt begins to gradually open from the hip to the end of this, giving it the shape of a mermaid tail. The empire cut has a similar style but is notched below the bust, which will emphasize your waist and stylize your posture. The fall of the skirt is tubular, some attires have an opening to the side, exposing a little more of you, but retaining the formality.


Another model that has stolen all the applauses this season are the two-piece dresses. By being able to combine two parts, it allows you to play with the designs and colors. When you are celebrating your prom party in a warm climate, as they occur during the months of June or July, the upper part of the set can be corset type, without sleeves or suspenders, leaving your shoulders completely free. You can choose a flared skirt, which reaches knee height. Being two pieces, your waist will also shine.  A little pick of your torso will create a suspense feeling and leave the rest for the imagination. At the same time, use colors that can complement and contrast, remember that ultra-violet has become the trend reigning all the runways in the world.


The model, color or design of the dress should only depend on you. Being a significant occasion in your life, choose a prom dress that makes you look and feel beautiful. Remember that it also has to highlight your attributes and reflect your personality. Well, never forget that the gown is only a tool to express how you really are.



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