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Choosing the right prom dresses is not a simple task. There are many factors that you should keep in mind before deciding what type of dress you can wear that special night.

To choose the ideal dress you have to consider many factors as the weather, place where the party will be held, your body type, the color of your skin, among others.

To help you with this challenging Jovani, a famous brand of the fashion industry has created a unique and dedicated prom dresses Delaware which has already consider all the trend of the city for you to shine at this unique night.

Delaware is one of the 50 states of the United States, in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern region. Maryland borders it to the south and west, Pennsylvania to the north, and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Its name comes from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor.

The climate of Delaware is moderated by part of the Atlantic coastal plain. The state lies in the humid subtropical climate zone. Delaware's record high of 110 F. The lowest temperature is 17 F.

You can now consider the city climate and these tips when choosing your prom dress.



Different measures, different proportions of the bust, the width of the hips, among others. Although the dress is a very versatile garment, we must bear in mind that some women cannot put everything on. Jovani, an important brand in the fashion industry, indicates that finding a fashion dress for your prom party depends on the type of body you have. Therefore, we give you tips to choose a dress that helps you enhance your best attributes.


BODY IN THE FORM OF PEAR: It is characterized by having the shoulders narrower than the hips. It also has a very defined waist, small breasts, and long legs. The correct prom dresses should have a V-neckline or any other that helps highlight the upper body. What is forbidden to wear is a dress that increases the width of the hips, such as tulle or pleats.



It is characterized by having wide abdomen volume. Besides, this type of body has no small waist and legs are very thin compared to other areas. The shoulders are very round. The correct prom dresses should be an empire cut. What is forbidden to wear is a tight or tube dress. Avoid dresses with many details in the middle area.



It is characterized by having very linear shoulders, waist, and hips, meaning that it does not present curves. Although it is a very symmetrical body, it is not usually a very feminine figure. The correct prom dresses should be snug at the top and with lots of volumes starting from the waist area. It is forbidden to wear a straight dress or tube, as they do not add any dynamism to your body.



It is characterized because the width of the chest and hips is in harmony. Besides, the waist is very marked. It is the body shape most desired by women since the curves are ideal, and they look very feminine. The best prom dresses for this body should be the one that defines the waist much more and makes it look even smaller. A mermaid cut dress can be the best option.



It is characterized because the width of the shoulders is more pronounced than that of the hips, while the legs are slender. The ideal prom dresses are the ones that have cutline A. This because it gives more volume to the body at the lower part. What is forbidden to wear are very tight dresses in the lower part of the body or dresses that take protagonist to the shoulders.



The outfit will depend on where the prom party would take place. Most likely, it's in a party hall. So, the ideal is to wear a long dress model. You must be very stylish and with the right shoes.


A plain dress, black, white, or patterned will never go out of style. On the contrary, it is always setting trends and never goes unnoticed in front of others. In the same way, it happens with the mixture between black and white. So, the models of classic cuts or made with satin fabrics, have white details in the black dresses and black touches in the white designs.

Also, we cannot forget the transparencies, an option that never goes out of fashion and that always helps you look sexy and sophisticated.

Choosing a prom dress is not an easy task, and perhaps you will reach a point where you feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, remember that it is imperative that you have to be patient. When you are about to give up everything, take a deep breath and keep thinking about how beautiful you want to look that unique night.