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Choosing your prom dress is one of the most impressive moments during the preparation of your prom party. It is relevant that you have an idea of how you want your prom dresses to be. However, you must have an open mind to try on different models of dresses. Do not limit yourself to use only one model, allow the specialists to advise you the right one for you.

It may happen that you pick prom dresses that are totally different from what you had in mind at the beginning. Most women think that finding an evening dress, in general, can be a tough task. This, because many times they do not take into account the fundamental factors before going to look for it. Things like body type and height are the first two points that you must take into account. Jovani, important brand of the fashion industry, inspired by these two aspects, has created an exclusive collection of prom party. Prom dresses Colorado by Jovani, is a collection that contains a range of dresses inspired by the different body types, height, and skin color.

The first thing to take into account is the body type, which is why Jovani has different cuts of dresses indicated for each type of body. So perhaps you are a girl with a body shaped like an hourglass, in the shape of a triangle, in the shape of an apple, in the shape of an inverted triangle or the shape of a rectangle. So, if you're a girl with very pronounced body curves, Jovani has created flared dresses or tulle skirts that will help you disguise those areas and will drive the attention to the upper part of your body.

On the contrary, if you are a girl with very few curves or hips, Jovani has created prom dresses with cuts at the waist and some volume at the hips. This way, it manages to give width and proportion in the lower part of the body. Jovani has a group of specialized designers that will help you identify your body type and advise you on suitable prom dresses.

Second, your height is also an essential factor. So if you're a short girl, Jovani has dresses with specific designs to help you look taller and stylize your figure. The best option is a narrow dress with a soft fall fabric that helps to lengthen your silhouette. Also, it has to be a plain color dress and without a very deep neckline. On the other hand, if you are a tall girl, you can dare to wear dresses with prints or different textures. You are free to be able to bet on many lengths of dress. Jovani has created prom dresses that help you show off the length of your figure.

Besides, Jovani takes into account the city as a factor to create prom dresses. So if you are from Colorado it has specific dresses for your dreamed prom party.


Its capital and one of the most populated cities is Denver. Colorado is located in the western region of the country, Rocky Mountains division. With an area of ??269,600 km², Colorado is the eighth largest state, after Texas, California, Montana, Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

The variety of climate in the city of Colorado and its location to the west of the Rocky Mountains makes the climate very varied. A climate that has constant changes during