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Jovani Dresses at Jovani Los Angeles in Los Angeles, Ca

Prom Dresses in Los Angeles can be found in this store.  Tailor Made Dresses to fit you perfectly.  Best Prices are Guaranteed.

JOVANI Los Angeles is JOVANI’s first flagship store. Located on North Robertson Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles, JOVANI LA opened its doors to the public in May of 2016. Since then, JOVANI LA has become a go-to location for many prom, signatures, and couture JOVANI dresses. Since JOVANI LA opened it has received rave reviews from celebrities and customers alike. It has a 4.5-star rating on in which customers have reviewed that customers will receive great customer services while finding their perfect beautiful JOVANI dress. Celebrities and stylist have found a nice shopping home when it comes to JOVANI LA. Whether it be the Oscars red carpet or a star-studded luncheon, JOVANI LA has helped many find their perfect cocktail, jumpsuit, and of course gown.

For 36 years JOVANI has been known for its trendsetting dresses and JOVANI LA helps continue that tradition. When visiting JOVANI LA you will be greeted with great service and assistance in finding the dress of your dreams. And if you want a dress that’s definitely like no other, JOVANI LA has an extensive collection of signature couture gowns that are made to order. You can easily find your dream prom dress from the largest collection available in Jovani store. Your wedding dress can be designed with the help of our prominent European Designers.

Perfect prom dresses in Los Angeles

A prom party is one of the most important celebrations of our life. We close one of the most beautiful stages of our teenage, and the party is a unique moment. Emotions and mixed feelings attack us before the party. We said goodbye to our colleagues, and we advance to another stage. However, one of the most important tasks for that day is the choice of the perfect dress, that dress that can mix innocence, elegance, and glamour.

Day, afternoon and night we give priority to think about the perfect prom dresses, but it is difficult to choose what is right for that party and at that time. For us, it is important to shine that night, and for that reason, we have to go dressed with the latest fashion trends.


It is true that there are different fashion trends in each part of the country, which implies different colors and trends. Los Angeles among the world’s capital of fashion, it is usually the main stage for major international events.



Vogue, attended the annual party organized by Vanity Fair, which brought together the best dresses. Margot Robbie, Amy Adams, and Olivia Wilde were some of the most elegant of the event. They brought with their dresses the latest fashion trends.


Jovani has the prom dresses 2018 collection, which brings together the latest fashion trends in Los Angeles.

  • Ball Gown Dresses

This type of costume is dreamy, as it invites us to become a fairy tale princess. Ball gown dresses are usually the ideal dress for a gala event, as they are long and elegant. Do not hesitate to choose a dress like this and be encouraged to feel like a fairytale princess.

  • Two-piece dresses

This type of suit combines a top and an ideal skirt, which help you reach a touch of distinct and modern elegance. The great advantage of this type of clothing is that it manages to adapt to the type of body you have, since you can put a wide or tight skirt, according to the need of your body.

  • Dresses with Cut Outs

This type of dress manages to combine the simple and sexy to be able to stand out in an elegant night. The cut of the dress can be given in the form that is more convenient for your body, for example - shoulders, abdomen, hips or legs. This will make your dress suit stand out and make the difference.

  • Dresses with an Open Back

This type of dress, reveals one of the most sensual parts of women: the back. It is one of the latest trends to look elegant and distinct.

  • Velvet dresses

This type of dress brings velvet back into fashion, a fabric that, when touched, transports softness and reflects a special color. A velvet dress will achieve a different and special elegance that will make you shine that night.



Read MarMar A.'s review of Jovani LA on Yelp




Visit us today at 101-105 NORTH ROBERTSON BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90048 in UNITED STATES! Phone: (213) 805-5202

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