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The state of Alaska is a name of the Aleutian word Alyeska or Alaxsxaq, which means "Big Earth" or "The object against which the action of the sea is directed." The flag of Alaska portrays on a blue background, the stars that make up the constellation of Ursa Major, and in the right corner of the flag is the polar star.

Alaska is the most extensive state with an area of 1,717,854 km². It has the highest peak in North America called Mount Denali.

Alaska's climate is quite extreme. One of its warmest and coldest temperatures is in Fairbanks. Summers can reach up to 30 ° C. While in the winter season temperatures drop to -46 ° C. The maximum and minimum temperatures are always in the interior of Alaska, and the maximum reached 38 ° C in Fort Yukon.

Now, if you have a prom party nearby, you should know what is being used this season. Find out about the latest trends to be able to shine on your prom dress.

The long prom dresses are a clear example of being a pretty elegant and formal dress. The colors green, blue and black are dark tones that combine in the best way with shiny rhinestones. With this type of details in your gown, you will not be in need of elegance and glamor; you'll own it.

To look beautiful and elegant you do not need to buy an expensive prom dress. The only thing you need to have is good taste and a right sense of color combination and never forget the ability to choose a beautiful design that goes accordingly with your style. Taking into account all these factors you will bring sophistication and refinement to your prom party.

Long prom dresses do not have to have a straight finish. They can also count with inclined cuts and beautiful vertical vast decorations. There is an extensive number of designs that will allow you to be the most graceful person in the prom party.

The visual approach that provides a long style gown with very well combined bright and simple accessories will create an elegant and glamorous result to your outfit. Remember to blend well the type of fabric and the colors of your prom dress, shoes, accessories and makeup.

We must emphasize a lot in the makeup process. If you want to look spectacular, it is never recommended to have an overload makeup design. This style will make you lose the touch of elegance. The best option would always be, natural or nude makeup. Choose a lipstick that is matte dark colors. But in the eyes don't use too much eyeshadow so that the attention focus on your lips.

If you want everyone's look in your eyes, you can put on some smoky shadow and a pretty simple outline. Wear a mascara that supplies you volume and a little blush on the cheeks to add a tad of color to your face.

As for the manicure you can paint your nails the color of your dress, or with the French style. The last one is the most elegant and uncomplicated. Some women love wearing false nails at the prom parties, so if you are one of them, we recommend doing it with time. Keep in mind that simple and classic will look better over a saturated look. Create the perfect look and shine like a real goddess!

The prom dresses with smooth fabric are the absolute choice to wear at a prom party. This kind of event requires a lot of grace. Prom dresses that have more than one color are also accepted, but only if they combine suitably. A too colorful mix can make the attire look cheap and tacky.

In a prom party, it is not very appropriate to attend with a very pronounced cleavage since the occasion does not merit it. You can go with a classic neckline that maintains everything in its place. If you have a neckline on your dress, you can combine it with cute necklaces with large rhinestones to adorn your neck. You could also add chokers or slopes.

If you select long and striking earrings, we recommend that you wear a well-tied bow so that your accessories can show off as well as the neckline of your dress. This hairstyle will also allow you to be comfortable without any loose strands of hair during the prom party.