15 September, 2018
prom history facts - prom night was once held at the White House

Imagine Prom In The White House? It Really Happened!

The graduating class of Holton’Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland was in on the planning of their class’s senior prom celebrated one of the best prom parties […]
15 September, 2018
how did the prom tradition start? Prom dress illustration

Prom History: How Did The Most Popular High School Tradition Start?

If you are currently between 15 and 18 or the parent of a kid that age, it probably hasn’t been on your radar, but prom or […]
14 September, 2018
How to get asked to be someone's prom date - prom dress sketch

How To Get Asked Out For Prom

You’ve seen it hundreds of times in the movies: The girl sitting in a corner drinking punch, whom a cute boy brings out to dance. She […]
14 September, 2018
how to organize your prom night celebrations

How To Organize Your Prom Party

The school year is over, and graduations arrive, along with mixed emotions of happiness for everything lived and all the victories that you and your friends […]
14 September, 2018
Unique ways to create your own promposal

How To Invite Someone To Go To Prom With You

Inviting someone to go to prom can be as exciting as nerve-wracking. If you have already chosen the person you would like to go to, but […]
14 September, 2018
How to make your own prom corsage DIY tips

How To Make A Traditional Corsage For Prom

On many black tie and semi-formal prom events, the bracelet corsages are a fashionable and highly anticipated accessory that compliments just perfectly a prom dress. Learning […]
14 September, 2018
Choose nail color to go with your prom dress

Matching Nails With Your Prom Dress

Sometimes it happens to many girls that have their prom party soon, whether is night or day and already have a whole look armed, with the […]
14 September, 2018
easy prom hairstyles to try at home

6 Gorgeous And Easy Hairstyles For Proms

With the arrival of spring begins the time of prom parties. Many girls make appointments in beauty salons way beforehand; However, it’s not necessary to spend […]
13 September, 2018
how to become prom queen in a black dress

How To Become Prom Queen Of Your School With A Black Dress

As girls, we always seek to demonstrate elegance and set the trends from the moment we arrive at a place. Now at the beginning of the […]
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