Plus Size Prom Dresses

It is said that being a curvy girl and choosing the right style to go to your prom was not an easy task; nevertheless, we can assure you that is a complete myth.

In Jovani's team, we have devoted all of our effort to create sophisticated and full of fantasy dresses that meet and exceed girls’ expectations, filled with glitz as well as on the other side of the prom spectrum such as short, minimalist, fresh, dark tones, and everything in between! We present this season of large size prom party gowns that reflect the latest trends suited for you.

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The Right Match


Fabrics in all shades, hyper-elegant prints, floral designs that are the 'it' in the latest red carpets and fashion events. As for the short party dresses, ideal light-weight fabrics perfect for the spring-summer months. Cinched to the waist, loose tunic and in other cases more tight cuts for the most outgoing girls.


On the other hand, the long party dresses stand out for their structure full of precious stones and assorted beads, especially in golden tones. Designs with beautiful sleeves that deliver the way to very flowing skirts perfect to conceal the hips. You can find a wide variety of plus size party dresses on this web page.


We know, they are all absolutely beautiful, how could you choose? The answer is simple: you can use them all, only have to decide the occasion order. In this opportunity, we are talking about the end of your school year as an invited junior or the closing of a stage as a senior. Create a mental image of the ideal party and place yourself as a model among the plus size prom dresses that best fits your personality, also keep in mind the weather, time and place. You will probably be dancing and having a really good time with your friends or your special date.


The Length Of The Skirt Is Your Best Ally


The advantage of wearing a dress is that its skirt is an excellent point that provides everything you need to create a whole look. For example:


  • Short or medium length dress. With them, you are utterly feminine. If you love some revelation illusion details, a short skirt creates an aura of beauty and seduction while also highlighting you as a chic fashionista girl with a clear goal; this length is comfortable and straightforward because they accentuate the best of your features.


In contrast, an elegant mermaid cut or one with long tail gives a royalty touch and glamor of the highest level, worthy of any award ceremony. In this kind of plus size prom dresses, going unnoticed is never part of the plan; embrace all of your goddess essences and exude a striking look for everyone to be left speechless.


Don’t Be A Size, Just 10’s Across The Board


  • Set the tone. It's true, the black color is one of the most classic and elegant and will always look beautiful: sparkled, side-opening, laced-gowns, and many more delightful designs. However, although it will help you to stylize your silhouette, the world has an endless range of colors and so does our collection: deep blue, scarlet red, bright emerald, glitter or metallic, the list goes on and on.


Make the fashion statement you’ve always wished for, decide the kind of girl you want to be this Prom.


All Good Things Come To The Dress

To acknowledge your attributes and know which part you want to highlight is essential; in Jovani we have created this line of Plus Size Prom Dresses with pieces that combine comfort with the most exquisite haute couture; in this subject matter you should consider:


  • Quality Over Quantity: If you chose a dress with vibrant colors opt to use the least amount of accessories possible, this will make you the protagonist of the evening/night and let the dress enhance your beauty.


In Jovani we made sure that, for all young ladies around the world regardless of size or figure, when choosing a model that fits the best, it will also feel like a second skin through made for expressing your own self. The different models, lace, and textures will make of this Prom Party the best of all.


Also, you can combine these styles with the best shoes. You will the most beautiful attendee ever!