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Graduation Dresses

Graduation dresses can be worn to your graduation ceremony and also to any graduation party or ball that follows. They can be worn under your gown and are often in light or neutral colors. These party dresses are most often short, although you can also find long graduation dresses for Grad Balls. Whether you're graduating high school or university, getting the right look for this special day is important as it will be photographed and always remembered. Choose a classic short LBD with some embellishment for classic elegant style. Alternatively, a short white lace dress in a cocktail style is another timeless option. 

Graduation Dresses

Graduation prom dresses should give you the chance to show off your personal style. If you want to wear some color, choose a bright or fun shade such as red, pink, blush or burgundy. Select a short dress style such as a fit and flare look or a simple knee-length dress. Jovani's graduation dresses include a wide range of choices such as strapless, halter necks and midi-length dresses. Look fashion-forward in velvet or go for a sexy cut-out dress that shows off your figure. 

Black and White Party Dresses

Black and white party dresses are most often chosen for graduation. These simple colors are classic and always elegant, however you can still express your own taste. These muted colors can be worn again to many other parties and events. Choosing a LBD with an off-the-shoulder neckline, statement frill or key hole cutout means you'll always have a gorgeous dress to wear in your wardrobe. If you prefer a delicate look, go for a white lace dress with a knee length hem and boat neck cut. This is a pretty choice that will always look beautiful on you.