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Who doesn’t love everything fall?! Vibrant colors with pumpkins everywhere, leaves starting to cover the ground and that cool brisk air is exactly what we have been waiting for after a long hot summer! As the seasons begin to change, so do the trends. 

Red is the official color of the season! Red is a total power color and will make any woman feel dominant, yet feminine and strong. Jovani Fashions designer, Julie DuRocher get’s a lot of her inspiration from traveling internationally and while she was overseas she saw a lot of red. Red in Paris is the color of Romance, yet in Italy red can be the embodiment of a beautiful glass of wine. Red encompasses a full spectrum of emotions and there are plenty of ways to express those feelings through what you are wearing. 

In the fall collection, DuRocher made sure to apply the color of red in the collection in many different ways. She introduced new shades of red, ranging from a light lipstick red to a deep rich wine color. Red is evident in the collection in many different fabrics as well. Jovani is known for its comfortable and incredibly wearable stretch lace fabric, offered in red of course. Alongside the stretch lace, is the rich scuba fabric offered in wine and bright red. Possessing a more durable feel is the Mikado fabric, offered in different silhouettes in red and wine. Silk is a newer fabric this season, coming in a rich red color and is the total embodiment of femininity. 

Whether you are attending a fall fashion show, or are the guest of a wedding, there are so many events to attend while wearing red this season! Make sure to check out JOVANI to see which red prom dress is going to be your perfect outfit for that special fall event!