How to get clear and flawless skin fast for prom?

We have had a very tough year during the Covid. Right now the life is starting to get back to its standard. Restaurants are opening. Spas are re-opening, weddings and events are taking place, and more importantly, our graduates will prepare for prom. When it comes to your special prom night, the main thing that comes to your mind is what I will wear. Of course, choosing the best dress matching your body shape is very important, but you need to pay attention to your skin, hair, body as well. Time is essential, especially if prom season is on its way. It can take several weeks before you see a noticeable improvement in your skin. Starting on acne or pigmentation creams three days before prom won’t give you the results you want. The earlier you get started, the better your chances for clearer skin in time for prom.

Clients usually ask, How can I get clear flawless skin fast?

  • The most important tips to obtain flawless skin before your prom or wedding is as below:
  • Cleanse your skin and hydrate it by using suitable serums
  • Exfoliate and Moisture
  • Make sure to get at least between 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Use high-quality products
  • stick to a healthy diet
  • Manage the stress
  • Drink 8 cups of water a day
  • Wear a sunblock cream

Let me explain in detail the secret to flawless skin:

Imagine you have an empty bottle that it’s full of dirt inside it. You empty the dirt but is that empty bottle is a clean bottle? In other words, if you put a glass of water in it and drink it, would that be healthy, clean water to drink? Would that be healthy for your body? The answer is obviously NO!

Same situation as with our body. Allow me at this point to explain to you guys what are the steps to flawless skin Wich will keep you young and gorgeous forever if you follow the steps:

overall detoxification, cleansing, purifying, getting facials, body cleansing, getting good nutrition, and body hydration mean drinking tons of water are the essential rules.

Imagine for years and years your nutrition was wrong. You kept your body dehydrated and smoked. Maybe you used some drugs, and on top of all, you were carrying a stressful life. After all, now that you are having a vessel or a body full of debris and toxins, all of a sudden, you decide to eat and drink only healthy and buy organic products few weeks before your wedding or your prom. Do you think that all this expensive organic nutrition you’re going to push into your body will help?

No, they won’t. To get the best result, you need to cleanse your pure body to benefit from the nutrition. So body detox or body cleanse is very important to start up a healthy life with a healthy body and healthy body glowing skin. Just the same way that our body gets hungry and thirsty or needs enough vitamins or supplements. In the same way, our skin needs the proper nutrition. Our skin does not have any voice to speak up, but it has many signs that show us it needs food or hydration.

A secret for glowing, tight, beautiful, and young skin is at the first step is cleaning. We have to follow up with it daily serum and on top a daily nourishing cream or moisturizer. The same thing is that night. After a stressful long day, we need to clean The skin with a good cleanser followed by a night serum and moisturizer or nourishing cream, and what we use depends on the skin type each of us has.

A cleanser and a toner are essential and vital to use, and they must be sufficient for the skin and the pH balance that the skin carries. Some cleaners that we are using and we have no clue what is in this cleanser, what day do they take off the dirt into the breeze but at the same time they take the essential moist off the skin, so we’re ending up with dry skin.

A good cleanser must be a cleanser that works friendly with the skin’s PH balance without SLS, a detergent that should not be in the cleaner for the skin to leave the skin clean but at the same time moist.

Next is using TONER:

Toner is also highly essential for the skin when you want to apply a moisturizer or any nourishing cream you want the cream to absorb a hundred percent to your skin. If your skin PH is not on the right level, most of your moisturizer or the product you’re using goes to waste. So the key for the absorbent of the product to your skin is absolutely a sufficient toner.

Many of us are in a rush in the morning and not using the toner because we think it’s too much work but imagine at the same time the product that you paid a good amount of the money for that is going to waste, so using a toner is necessary. And it does not matter if your skin is normal, dry, oily, or you have acne; you must use toner.

So far, we have covered cleansing, detoxification, nutrition, and now it’s time to find an actual nutrition product that gives you the results you want.

When you put a topical product on your skin, you can not expect miracles in two days. When you decide to spend some money and time on products to use, you must have complete consistency just the same way you get hungry, and you eat every day will you drink every day.

In the beauty or skincare industry, we have three definitions
Cosmetic, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceuticals

Cosmetics products are products you are purchase over the counter without consultation of any professional. The active ingredients in that product must be very low for the product not to give you any side effects.

Cosmeceutical products:

Cosmeceutical products include some pharmaceutical products on the medicated level and are being used for beauty and skincare. These products contain a more substantial penetration base than usual to deliver the active ingredients friendly and work it into the skin to get faster and better results. A physician or a beauty expert sells this type of product.

Pharmaceutical products :

These products are available only by prescription and must be prescribed by a dermatologist.

Written by Ronit Sinai @sinai European Skin Care