The Best Bridal Nails & Nail Art for 2019

The Best Bridal Nails & Nail Art for 2017
The Best Bridal Nails & Nail Art for 2017

 Preparing to walk down the aisle? There are so many boxes to tick when preparing for your big day. Beyond the general wedding planning, you’ll need to find your dream wedding dress.

You also need to consider your beauty look. This will include hair, makeup and nails. We’ve already looked at some of our favorite makeup looks for brides. Natural styling is key to looking great on your wedding day, and this is a trend continued for nails.

Choosing the right nail look or nail art will depend on your wedding theme and dress. If you’re wearing a very embellished dress or statement gown, you’ll want simple nails. If your dress is minimal in style, striking nail art can add a unique twist to your bridal look.

You may also want to add a color to your nails that matches your bouquet or has personal significance. This could be a color that calls to mind a memory or special occasion. It could also simply be your husband-to-be’s favorite shade.

Today we’re looking at some of the best nail ideas for brides-to-be. Featuring trendy muted colors, these nails will team up with a variety of wedding dresses. We’re examining a mixture of both simple and statement nail options, including how to get the look.


D.I.Y. Bridal Nails

Many of these nail ideas are so simple and do not need a professional touch. If you’re confident with nail application, you can always try these out at home yourself. With a little practice, you’ll be able to do your own nails for the big day.

You’ll want to make sure you have the right tools: a nail file, the nail polish of your choice and remover to fix mistakes. You may also consider using faux nails as a base if you don’t like your natural nails or are a nail-bitter.

Be sure to trim these to size so they’re not too long and have a snug fit. If you love your natural nails, get them ready for the big day by using cuticle oil and nourishing nail cream. A general hand cream will make sure your whole hand looks beautiful too.



Bridal Nails #1: Naturally Nude

This is the foolproof option that can’t go wrong. If you aren’t sure what to do with your nails and want to go very simple or natural, this is the easiest option. It may be a no-brainer to put this look together yourself, but it’s still so chic and will pair up with any wedding dress.

Nude tones are a huge fashion trend at the moment, so this ticks another box too. As well as being natural and nude-looking, these nails will flatter any skin tone well. You have the option to choose a matte finish which looks quite fashion forward, or go glossy for a healthy sheen.

To get the look yourself, start off with well-rounded nails. You want to create a soft, delicate look and an almond-shaped nail will be a good base. Stroke the nail polish away from the cuticle, upwards. Repeat with a few coats and you’re done.

Don’t forget to apply the same shade on your toes too – especially if they’ll be on display! Shades such as blush, beige, mauve and taupe will all create this beautiful nude look that is very natural.

 Bridal Nails #2: Lace Overlay

There is a good reason why lace is often associated and used for wedding dress adornment. This delicate, feminine fabric has a purity and elegance that’s hard to beat. It instantly conjures up images of classic romance.

If you want to add a lace touch to your bridal look, you have a few options (besides wearing an actual lace dress). You could opt for a lace-covered clutch or heels – or try out this gorgeous nail art look instead! Like our first nail look above, this is very neutral and natural but with a unique twist.

If you plan to D.I.Y. this nail art, you may need a little patience and a steady hand. Start out with natural, nude nails. Prepare a base with a matte or glossy finish in a neutral tone. You’ll need to get your hands on some lace nail stickers and once your nude layer is dry, apply these with care.

Trim down the edges with a small scissors and make sure the edges are clean. When you have the sticker in place, you can lock everything down with a layer of glossy clear polish. Re-apply a second clear layer if any of the sticker’s edges won’t stay down.

 Bridal Nails #3: A Sparkling Touch

This glamorous nail look adds a hint of sparkle to your bridal look. This is perfect if you’re not wearing much jewelry or want to add another glittering touch to your outfit. Again very neutral and natural, you’ll have an easy time pairing this up with any dress you choose. It’ll also look gorgeous in any ring close-up shots!

Get this nail look by starting off with glossy light pink polish (natural nails). Then get ready to add a layer of sparkle. You can achieve this with any clear nail polish with added glitter particles. Apply your choice of glittery polish to the tip, and then make your application lighter.

As you move towards the cuticle, create a fade effect by applying less and less. If you’re feeling experimental, you can even add a layer of sequins or embellishments. Apply any embellishments carefully and add a final layer of clear polish to set everything in place.

 Bridal Nails #4: Something Blue

Struggling to add the traditional ‘something blue’ to your wedding look? Here’s a unique nail idea that’s got you covered. It’s even better if you borrow the polish from a friend!

This glossy powder blue nail shade is still neutral and easy to wear. It gives your look an original twist with a quirky edge. You can play up the blue by matching it to another element – why not add powder blue socks or a tie to the groom’s outfit!

You can choose from glossy or matte for this look. Pick a light blue shade that isn’t too vibrant – you don’t want the focus of your whole bridal look to be on your nails. A baby or powder blue polish such as duck egg is your best bet. Opt for an oval nail shape that’s perfectly rounded.

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