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Your Ultimate Guide to Prom Dress Shopping

  It's time to celebrate, as prom season is now almost here. For any prom-goer, half of the fun is…


It’s time to celebrate, as prom season is now almost here. For any prom-goer, half of the fun is finding that perfect prom dress! Shopping for that dream look is one of the most memorable parts of the whole event, especially that moment when you say ‘yes’ to that dress.

With that in mind, we have put together a simple guide to help you make that all-important decision. There are so many dresses to choose from, and it can seem a little overwhelming at times. Grab your gal pals, enjoy trying on as many dresses as you can and go with your heart!

The dress that makes you feel like a star will always win out, and may not even obey any trend or conventional shopping tips. However, there are a few key ways to approach your prom dress shopping experience. This is to simply help you on your way to finding your own style.

It’s important to consider how color and fit impacts your look. This means finding the right dress that works in harmony with your body shape and skin tone. Luckily, there is the right dress for everyone!

It’s also a great idea to first gain an understanding of your own taste and style. Looking for inspiration is a great way to start and will help you narrow down your choices a lot easier when you’re in the midst of so many options.



How to Shop For a Prom Dress

The earlier you start looking for your prom dress, the better. Popular styles tend to sell out as soon as they’re in stores, and may not be available to re-order if there is a high demand. Getting your shopping done sooner rather than later also takes some pressure off. Don’t forget that you’ll still need to have time to figure out the rest of your look (shoes, bag, makeup, hair), so leaving it to the last minute is not a good option!

Get Your Inspiration

It’s important to determine what kind of dress you want, even before you enter any boutique. The best way to get an idea of what’s out there, is to check out popular prom dress sites, Pinterest and Instagram. You can even look to celebrity red carpet style, and see what kind of dresses and colors you love.

This can include saving makeup and accessories ideas too, so you can start to build the whole picture. Pinterest or any bookmarking site is a great place to collect all of your ideas in one spot.


Visit Local Boutiques

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for (or even if you’re still not so sure), it’s time to check out your local boutiques and prom dress stores. Find a prom dress near you and just see if there’s anything locally available that immediately ticks the boxes.

You can take photos of the dresses you like, or take note of their style number so you can look them up later online.


Browse Online

Not every dress that a prom dress designer creates will be available in your local store. It’s a good idea to check for online sources too. This means simply going to the company’s official page and seeing their whole dress collection.

Make sure you’re visiting the company’s authentic website, and then add your favorite dresses to your bookmarks/Pinterest board too. If you have fallen in love with a particular dress style, check their local retailers. Chances are, you’ll be able to order the dress to be delivered to your nearest store, even if it’s not currently in stock.


Try It On for the Best Fit!

Try on your dress or favorite dresses, in store if you’re still browsing, or at home if you’ve ordered it online. Get a feel for the fit and style of the dress.

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does the waistline and neckline sit currently on your body?
  • Does it need any alterations?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to tell if it’s the right fit or what needs to be changed. Choosing the right size is important too. You don’t want it to fit too tight, even if it is a fitted design. Make sure you can move but that it’s also not loose or with excess fabric.


How to Choose a Prom Dress Color

Choosing a prom dress color should be all about flattering your own skin tone. You can also take trends and your own personal favorite colors into account. Skin tone can be broken down into either ‘ashy’ or ‘warm’, regardless of color. Each of these skin tones can find a shade of any color to flatter it.

The best way to figure out what suits you, is to try the dress on, or drape the fabric across your shoulders. How does the color impact your face and skin? If you drains your complexion or brings out unflattering tones in your skin, it’s not the right shade for you.

However, simply look for either a brighter or muted tone of the same color and you’ll likely hit the jackpot! For a great example of this, check out how many shades of red dresses there are!


How to Choose a Prom Dress Style

When it comes to dress style, there is so much choice. The key is to flatter your own shape, as well as including your sense of style. If you have the chance, try on a variety of shapes – a mermaid gown, a ball gown, a fitted design. See how different dress styles fit on your body, and which silhouette makes it shine.

You can also browse many dress styles by body type, which will help you further figure out how to best flaunt your figure and highlight your favorite features!

Fabric also plays a key role and can totally change how a dress shape looks. Velvet dresses a popular choice for prom 2018 and have a very fluid look on the body. Jersey fabrics tend to be fitted and bodycon. Chiffon creates a floaty, voluminous final look.


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