How to Stand Out at Prom 2023: Unique Fashion Tips

Emerald embellished fitted prom dress

If you attend prom 2023, you’ll want to stand out and be confident on this important night. Now that school is back in session, prom will quickly become one of the most talked-about topics. It’s an exciting event for every teen and one that everyone will remember for many years.

Make prom 2023 your own and stand out as an individual. You can do this through your fashion choices without breaking the dress code! There’s a vast array of prom dresses for the new season. Their diverse take on style gives you much space to express yourself and make a stylish impact on the night.

When shopping for a prom dress, see what instantly grabs your attention. Take plenty of photos of potential dresses and discover what colors, fabrics, and silhouettes you’re attracted to. If there’s no particular theme for the night, you’re free to express yourself creatively and pick what best suits you.

You may now wonder how to avoid picking a dress that’s just the same as everyone else. You may need to think creatively and make bolder choices than your peers. Don’t overlook the designs that are more out there and unique. Make a point to at least try them on and see how they fit in your shape!

There are many ways you can set yourself apart on prom night. Choosing a unique color, dress design, or style is a great option. That may mean pushing your limits and taste, so stay open-minded and you may surprise yourself with your final dress choice!

Here are some of our top tips for choosing a unique prom dress.



How to Stand Out at Your Prom


Jovani black sweetheart pink over-skirt jumpsuit

Wear a Prom Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits for prom are becoming more popular each year as girls begin to see how gorgeous and unique this option is. A prom jumpsuit can still fit your dress code perfectly. It can be just as glamorous and formal as any type of gown you would pick.

A jumpsuit has some advantages, such as being very comfortable to walk and dance in. A huge range of jumpsuit styles is appropriate for prom night, including designs with over-skirts and long trains that are so dramatic, daring, and original.


Order a Unique Prom Dress

A good way to make sure you are wearing a completely unique dress for prom is to order it in advance. For example, most girls in your area will all likely shop from the same few stores in your local town or city. This means that the choice is limited to the dresses in stock near you.

This can cut down your selection – so to broaden your fashion horizons, visit your nearest Jovani retailer. You can order any dress from the prom 2023 collection to be delivered. This gives you immediate access to thousands of dresses, not just several in-store. This opens you up to finding something that no one else will have.


Pay Attention to Detail

You’ll need a jaw-dropping dress if you want to pop in those prom photos. That means a gown that turns heads for one reason or another. One of the hottest 2023 prom trends is fully sequin embellished and metallic dresses.

Not only do these offer so much more than just a simple matte fabric, but they also catch all of the light that’s aimed at them, making you sparkle and shine over everyone else. If sequins are too over the top for your taste, try satin or velvet prom dresses – both are unexpected options for prom that still look glamorous but are slightly more muted.


Jovani leopard print bodycon prom dress


Wear a Print or Striking ColorĀ 

A printed prom dress can stand out against a sea of block color prom gowns, which is often the typical choice. Prints can be wide-ranging, from small and subtle designs that add texture to oversized florals or animal prints. Leopard and cheetah inspired pieces are a big trend for the new season, as they offer that early 00s throwback feel that is a big favorite with fashionistas.

If a print isn’t for you, another great way to make an impact is through color. Many prom dresses are produced in the usual tones – burgundy, navy, black, and white. If you want to shake things up, look out for dresses in unusual colors such as yellow, orange, hot pink, tones of purple, etc. This can be as bold and bright as you wish.


Play With Length & Style

If going completely maximalist isn’t for you, there are many subtle ways to give yourself an edge for prom. We love the idea of picking a dress with a slightly different hemline than the usual full-length. For example, a high-low prom dress with a shorter front and long train at the back. This can include a high slit or asymmetrical cut.

The same can be applied to the rest of the dress silhouette. Look for design features that are a little unusual such as open backs with criss-cross straps, unique necklines that aren’t the typical shapes, or even a sheer illusion feature somewhere on the bodice. Ruffles, pleated detail, and ruching can add a new dimension to a prom dress.


Wear it with Confidence

Whatever you decide on, make sure you wear your prom dress with complete confidence. Slip into red carpet mode and make this moment unforgettable.