How to Get 12 Types of Stains Out of Your Dress

Jovani rose gold sleeveless evening dress

We’ve all been there – our favorite dress is suddenly unwearable due to a noticeable stain. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you never get to wear your favorite design again. There are ways you can lift and remove those stubborn stains!

We recommend all of our dresses to be dry cleaned at first before attempted stain removal. If they are embellished, it should be only spot cleaned, beadings must be kept away from stain removal. Otherwise, any embellishments, bead-work or other sewn-in features will be damaged.

However, if you’re in a rush and want to quickly attempt to lift your stain, you can see our tips for removal techniques that can be tried on non-beaded dresses.

We’ve all been there. That clumsy moment when you spill a drop of red wine or sauce on your dress and panic sets in. You immediately worry that you’ll never be able to remove the stain.

This is a concern especially when attending a formal event such a prom or a wedding. If you find yourself with a stain, you don’t want to end up trying to cover it up in the bathroom all night. You won’t want to walk around with the stain on display either.

Instead of spending your special event worrying about stains and how to hide them, relax and rely on our stain removal guide.  We’ve put together the best professional tips and tricks to remove even the most difficult stains. These tips can save your dress and your night.

So breathe easy! Even if you do end up with an unfortunate splash, you’ll know how to quickly fix it.


Be Prepared

If you have a formal event coming up, the best thing you can do is be prepared. That’s just in case you do end up with a stain. Even if you don’t, it’s likely that someone will. If you have a few tools to help out, you can always come to the rescue and help someone else!

Put together a few essentials to create your own miniature stain removal kit. If you can find a stain removal pen or wipes, add these to your kit. These can really help and a removal pen is also compact so it’ll tuck easily into even a small clutch bag.

There are a few other simple tools you can bring. That includes a toothbrush or small brush with soft bristles. If possible, a mini pack of corn starch to absorb liquids, and cotton swabs to dab the stain away.

How to Quickly Remove Stains

If you’re in the middle of a formal event when you end up with a stain on your outfit, don’t panic. With some luck, if you immediately treat your stain, you’ll be able to lift the majority of the color.  You can return it back to close to its original state in a few simple steps.

Then you can continue enjoying your special occasion and forget it happened! Here are some steps to follow:

  • If you drop a thick liquid/solid (such as a sauce) use a flat blunt object (for example, a dining knife or credit card) to gently scrape off what you can. Do your best not to spread the stain any further.
  • Grab a white napkin, paper towel or cloth and dab away as much the stain as possible.  See if you have corn starch, baby powder or even salt to hand. You can apply these in small sprinkles to absorb more of the liquid from the material. Leave for a minute and gently brush away. This is particularly effective if the stain is oily and refuses to be absorbed by the napkin. Oil stains are notoriously stubborn.
  • Use a stain removal wipe or remover pen on the area. Work from the outside to the center of the stain. If you don’t have a removal product or any other cleaning product, use simple warm water.
  • Continuing to blot the stain with a clean paper towel until the stain begins to fade and hopefully disappear.

Treating Your Stains At Home

Once you get home, don’t forget you’ll need to treat the stained area as soon as you can too. You’ll now be able to rinse and soak your dress in hot water, or cold water if it’s a delicate fabric. Then wash out the stain more thoroughly, hopefully removing any last remaining discoloration.

Use a stain removing liquid laundry detergent. Then launder your garment on the highest setting the fabric can handle (check the label).  Air dry once you’re finished laundering.

If you still haven’t been able to remove the stain, you can always take it to the dry cleaner to give it a final try. You may need to wash your garment a few times to completely fade the stain. Just continue to repeat until you see results.

We’ve put together a helpful infographic that guides you through stain removal no matter how stubborn it is! From butter to tomatoes, learn how to lift any stain and save your beautiful dress to wear again. See it below.