Will There Be A Regular Graduations And Proms For Class Of 2021?

virtual prom

Attending prom at prom night is one of the most exciting parts of graduation. The statistic shows that 50 percent of students have attended prom in the United States in the last year of high school. Teens spend much time looking for a perfect prom dress, matching the dress with prom accessories and prom shoes, booking hair and makeup appointments, toning up the body a few weeks before prom, and taking care of their skin, which all process is part of prom preparation.

In 2020, the big date’s countdown started. Every prom dress designer was almost finished launching their new prom collection, and girls searched for their dream dress; the coronavirus pandemic affected prom 2020 significantly. Schools were closed; proms were postponed or canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prom boutiques showed a considerable drop in sales due to prom cancellations. Due to this unpredicted situation, many stores stopped taking special orders for prom dresses.

Venues canceled the event as group gatherings were banned in many states. High schools started shutting down one after the other. A group of students tested positive for covid19 after attending a private prom party; finally, the growing coronavirus concerns led to canceled proms all over the country.

While students were trying to find a way to celebrate their prom, in many states, groups and students thought about hosting a virtual prom. Many participants signed up on social media on a given link and celebrated the class of 2020. Virtual prom on zoom and social media let many students stream prom on their computers or smartphones. Therefore, high schoolers used technology to hold a virtual prom. YouTube and ticktock hosted a prom celebration as well.

Many companies offered help, and some designers like Jovani asked teens to submit their prom photos and videos to share with followers on Jovani’s social media platforms.

Many celebrities, teachers, and school administrators shared their old prom photos. John Burke Krasinski, the American actor, and filmmaker, announced that he would be hosting a virtual prom on his YouTube channel for the class of 2020, plus a few of his friends made a special appearance as DJs for this virtual event.

Radio station 99.7 DJX and B96.5 in Louisville, Kentucky, also offered a virtual prom for teens. Thousands of students across the country participated in the teen vogue virtual prom, which took place on May 16. The Chipotle Virtual Prom Afterparty was right after Teen Vogue’s event, with many gifts and giveaways. Finally, many students shared their celebration videos on YouTube.

Will prom 2021 happen?

By 2021, many schools are preparing for prom since the reopening day, while others are preparing to host virtual prom. While a virtual prom might not be the same as a real prom, you should not sacrifice your original beauty ideas. The venue might be different, but it does not mean you do not dress up for your virtual prom day. Go through the prom collection of 2021 and find your dream dress because prom is not canceled. OK, it might not be the same as what you have in mind, but you can still plan your fun virtual prom night. People got very strong and creative during the pandemic.

Virtual Prom Ideas:

In Castle Rock, Colo., 30 miles from Denver, Carlee Castillo’s parents surprised their daughter with something they quietly planned for her. Carlee was very heartbroken and disappointed since she planned to wear her prom outfit on a night out with her friends, but later, she realized prom is canceled, and even her graduation ceremony was on hold. Her parents decided to bring the prom to her. Sheila Castillo, Carlee’s Mother, Suggested Carlee that Carlee’s dad could be her prom date and told her, “I will serve the prom dinner.”

At 7.00 pm on Friday, Carlee descended the stairs with her beautiful prom dress and gold sandals. Her father presented her with a beautiful flower bouquet and accompanied his daughter to a room designed with balloons in purple and white (symbol of school colors). Her mother, sheila, served Calree’s favorite food ordered from an Italian restaurant. After dinner, her dad spent the night dancing to a playlist he would put together, and their grandma cheered them on. For Carlee, who enjoys ballet and playing the saxophone and piano, a night dancing with her dad turned out to be the best evening in quarantine.

How can you make your virtual prom more fun?

Plan a backyard photoshoot to show your dress or even have a small at-home prom with your family and closest friends. A nice prom outfit, good music, and a few family members to join your party. You can always meet your friends over zoom while wearing your beautiful dress and make the virtual meeting fun.

Platforms you can hold your prom party is skype, zoom, house parties, google hang out, or even face time. Just because you are social distancing, it does not mean you cannot make memories. Virtual proms are becoming an excellent alternative. First, find a virtual location, then send a group text to your friends who attend the virtual celebration, decorate your background, buy a prom night banner, Host a call, wear your prom dress, ask your date to wear his tuxedos, play some music, and hang out virtually with your friends. Please share your pictures with the #prom2021 hashtag on social media and send them to your school yearbook. It is your celebration so celebrate it together with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a prom dress for my Virtual Prom?

Yes absolutely. It is so lovely to stand out in your beautiful prom dress; although the venue is a bit different, try to make it fun and memorable. Wear your prom dress, style your hair, and do your make-up.

How to host a virtual prom?

  • Pick the platform
  • Text your friends and invite them
  • Choose a theme
  • Decorate the background.
  • Make the playlists ready
  • Wear your prom dress
  • Ask your date to wear his Tuxedos
  • Style your hair and put on makeup
  • Plan a backyard photoshoot
  • Order food

Will the class of 2021 have a real prom?

It is unclear whether this year’s prom will be in a real or virtual venue. Many schools are preparing for prom this year since the reopening day, while others are preparing to host virtual prom. Although many proms got canceled last year, people are getting creative in making their virtual prom fun.