Prom Expenses

Nazy Rafaeil

When prom season arrives, we know that it can cost a lot of cash, especially for girls. Starting with the prom dress, shoes, hair, makeup, transportation, tickets, and other after-prom activities. When you start thinking on how much all of these things cost it becomings clear that you need to make a list and plan everything out to make sure you have the budget for all the things you need to make you look lovely that night.

Prom costs can change by season, location and other factors, but if you make an early plan, you can save and budget for the best prom night of your life. Planning with months of anticipation can undoubtedly help you out, making your parents well aware of your needs on that memorable day while not making them over expend, unless they are willing to spoil you with everything you want.

Prom List
How much it costs to go to prom
The first thing to do is to know how much money do you have in your budget and start working from there, talk to your parents and start making the list of all the things you need with an estimated price for each one of them. Always make sure that every item does not surpass the original amount of the budget you initially had planned for:

Min/Max Budget:                            
Prom Dresses:            
Prom Ticket:
Prom Transportation:
Prom Beauty Salon:
Prom Shoes/Heels:
Prom Beauty Salon:
Prom Accessories:
After Prom:

How Much Will Attending Prom Cost?

How much it costs to go to promProm costs in 2020 can be anywhere from $175 to $1500! The prices of attending prom can vary significantly by region, school, and what you choose to spend depending upon your prom budget and your parents, along with a few money-saving tips for prom.

1. You can expect to spend at least $500-600$ on the “Jovani prom dress.”

2. The prices vary when it comes to shoes/heels, we would advise form $50-$80.

3. If your date doesn’t pay for your ticket or you are going with a friend, you can expect  $40-100$ for your ticket and about 40$ for transportation.

4. For dinner, or you split the bill you will probably spend at least $10-30 on dinner depending on the school you attend to.
5. Then you have accessories for your dress which if you include a new purse and jewelry it can come from $100 to $300

6. Then if you get your hair and makeup done in a beauty salon, it will probably cost you from  $100-200$

7. Usually, there are after prom activities so save about 100$ just in case.

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