Prom Dresses For More Than One Night Only

Jovani purple long sleeve v-neck prom gown

There are so many prom dresses to choose from – so how do you pick one that best defines your own taste and style? All while flattering your body type and skin tone. It can seem like a challenge, especially with so many options! We’re here to help you figure out the best prom dress for you.

From classic embroidery to sexy two-piece numbers, the choice on offer will astound you. We’ve enriched our prom collection with fabulous textures, tailored to fit each young girl like a glove. Everyone can find the right dress to flatter their unique body type.

Prom night is no time to be a wallflower. We understand that. So we’ve aimed to spark confidence in every teenager who picks their dress from our wardrobe.

How to Pick Your Dream Prom Dress

Finding a perfect dress for prom isn’t easy when there’s so much choice. Here are some of the front-running options for you to consider on this special occasion.

The “Classic” look is at the heart of every Jovani piece. But we use that only as a springboard. We adjust each unique design to meet the latest style challenges and fashion trends.

Top Prom Trends to Watch

This prom season, we’re inlaying classic prom styles with the latest prints. This adds a contemporary dimension to traditional elegance.

Illusion mesh has also become outmoded among trendsetters. Great news for those who dare to bare, as this has paved the way for halter dresses to make a comeback.

Yes, we still feature mesh in our designs; but only in dresses that need extra coverage and support. We often include a discrete sheer panel to make our designs more comfortable. This is crafted into plunging necklines to make for a better fit.

Studded prom dresses, despite hogging the limelight for some time now, are still trending. But mermaid style dresses are catching up, making their way to the front of the Jovani prom line. It’s all a matter of personal taste, too.

For girls who prefer less overpowering styles, we’ve created more demure tea-length dresses. These are perfect for your prom night. This subset offers similar patterns and styles but appeals to girls with understated taste.

For an all-out sexier look, our prom line offers a set of lace luxuries. These are for the young girl but with an old head on her shoulders. These dresses capture a more mature look and you’ll find a large selection of color options too.


Prom Color Trends

Jovani magenta strapless straight neck prom gown

Jovani’s latest bohemian looks and folkloric beading bring out every girl’s inner fashionista. You’ll find an earthier, natural look in the new prom range. Leveraging turquoises and corals, the color schemes’ focus has strong hints of nature’s gemstones.

And we couldn’t produce this year’s range of designer prom dresses without the use of red. It’s one of the cornerstone colors of the Jovani brand.

Rather than conflict with the earthiness, the bold red compliments the bohemian vibe in the rest of the range. Once again, red is spilling onto the catwalk everywhere, making that classic red look trendier than ever.

And where would we be without the Little Black Dress? It’s always a favorite and this season we’ve spiced it up with embroidery and fringe. A short prom fringe dress is a great option if you love your legs!

Wear Your Prom Dress Again

We hold the strong belief that you shouldn’t limit your prom dress to a ‘one-night-only’ performance. With Jovani in your wardrobe, you don’t have to. Our cuts are classic, style timeless and will never look out of place at any other formal event.

They can even double up as a cocktail dress or homecoming dress for future events. You can always alter the hem to make your dress shorter after the big night. Alternatively, store it carefully for your next formal event.

It’s your prom night; you only get one chance to make that lasting memory. But if you ever need to serve a reminder, your dream prom dress will be there, waiting for you. If you need a larger size, Jovani even has plus size prom dresses with many choices. Now, all you need to do is smarten up your date and enjoy your special night!