A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

Dressing for your body type is certainly one of the most flattering things you can do for yourself. Loving your body, even if it may not be perfect is the healthiest mindset that will also boost your appeal and confidence. But how does one learn how to dress their bodies without dreading the process? Well, there are some smart tips and tricks that will certainly help you regardless of your figure. Small, petite, plus size girls, they can all find a dress that compliments their shapes incredibly, especially when it comes to formal dresses, such as those for the biggest event in a teenager’s life: the prom. Below we will teach you how to approach the best this process. This will make shopping for 2020 prom dresses so much easier.


Establish what body type you have

There are six body types and finding which one are you will greatly help you in the process of choosing the perfect prom dress. Busty, the apple-shaped girl, the slender body type, the hourglass body shape, the pear-shaped girl and the petite body type. Depending on which one are you, you will have to choose a prom dress that suits you best.

  1. The busty body type – girls that fall into this category can call themselves incredibly lucky as this body type is characterized by a generous bust and a narrow hip width, which makes the dress offer for these girls an extensive one. While the bust area is generous, in most of the cases, the waist is not that well-defined. To create a balanced outfit, the wearer must find a dress that emphasizes their best area, the bust, and creates an hourglass shape in the middle section.

The best dresses in 2018 for apple-shaped bodies


If you are a fortunate apple-shaped girl, you have plenty of choices when it comes to your prom night.

    • Deep V-neckline dress – your typical wide torso will create the needed context if you want to wear a long, tulle dress with a deep, appealing V-neck and skillfully designed straps. These dresses will emphasize your torso while creating a central point of your waistline. Although you may not have a very visible waistline, a dress like this will create the needed shape and form to become easily the start of your prom. By adding some volume to the upper section, these dresses can also put a stunning accent on the wearer’s legs. Choose a dress like this with a deep slit on your legs if you want to emphasize those as well.
    • Off-shoulder dress with a slit – amazing and impressive by nature, this type of dress seems to work amazingly for all the girls with an apple-shaped body. The off-shoulder section will create a visual effect that will resemble an hourglass figure, while the high slit will also contribute to balancing the entire outfit.

Slender girls should look for these prom dresses in 2018

Thin, and delicate, these frames call for an exquisite dress that will make heads turn around. These frames look their best when dressed in fitted dresses. The best dresses for your body type that you have to consider for your prom night are the following.

  • A V-neck fitted dress – a deep blue fitted dress with an extraordinary V-neck is everything that you need as a slender girl, this year. The V-neck will certainly draw the attention to your delicate collarbones, while the fitted design will accentuate your extraordinary figure. Whether you have it by nature or you’re working hard to get such a shape of your body, you have to celebrate the efforts with a dress that will make you look like a goddess.
  • An empire waist, high neck dress – chosen properly, these dresses can look amazing for your slender figure. Go for a short one if you want to accentuate your amazing legs. The empire waistline will put a great emphasis on your slender, perfect waistline, while the high neck will create some volume in the upper part of your body. Your delicate shoulders will also be emphasized, as the dresses designed in this manner are often sleeveless.
  • A mermaid prom dress – what a wonderful choice for a slender and delicate woman! These dresses were specifically created for somebody with your body type and choosing one like this might be the most obvious choice for you.The stunning prom dress trends in 2018 for hourglass figuresCall yourself lucky and choose whatever style you prefer, as you are one of the few females out there that can pride themselves with a perfectly-balanced and appealing body type. Even if you aren’t particularly fit, your proportions will make it possible for you to explore a multitude of options when it comes to incredible dresses.
  • A high-neck long dress – if princess-style dresses do fit your shoes when it comes to such clothing articles, call yourself lucky as you can rock a dress like this with incredible success. A flowing bottom part with an incredibly high slit will make your body appear long and balanced, while the sleeveless upper part will compliment perfectly your flawless arms. Go without a necklace as the high neckline of the dress will make it difficult for you to integrate such accessories into your outfit. A cut-out back will be an impressive detail and will allow you to show off a little more skin.
  • A cut-out dress – if you want to accentuate your perfect waistline even further, a dress with waist cut-outs will allow you to do so. Especially if you have a fabulous abdomen, you will shortly notice that those small cuts will make your waist appear even more cinched. However, not all women are bold enough to go for such dresses.
    Pear-shaped girls should look for these dresses for their big night
    Your generous natural bottom will certainly make it possible for you to go for the trendiest dresses this year. While you may want to mask your generous bottom, you can also put a great accent on it, and you’ll end up looking fabulous.
  • A-line short lace dress – your legs are certainly the part of your body worth showing off, and a short dress will allow you to masterfully do this. The A-line shape of the bottom part of your dress will hide some of your generous bottoms and will create a visually appealing balance with the upper part of your body. Also, your waistline will certainly be beautifully outlined.
  • A high-low wrap dress – stunning as it is, a dress like this will show off part of your amazing legs, while creating a beautiful balance between your upper and lower sections. The waistline will certainly be one of the high-interest points, like in the case of all wrap dresses out there.
  • Petite girl prom dress shopping guide for 2018If you are petite, simply show off your legs this prom! Short dresses create a stunning visual appeal in the case of short girls by elongating their figures.
    • An A-line short dress – if you want to wear that perfect dress for your feminine body type, a V-neck, A-line short dress certainly meets all your requirements from a glamorous prom dress.
    • A fitted, empire waist dress – if you also have a perfect body, you can always forget about A-line dresses and enjoy the incredible visual effect of a short-fitted dress. The empire waistline will accentuate that area of your body of which you are proud the most.

    This is a simple guide that will help you in the process of choosing a suitable prom dress for your body type. This year, designers created all their dresses guided by the wish to satisfy all the bodies and help women and young girls celebrate the bodies they have in the most charming way.