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How to Plan a Perfect Prom Night

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Some high schoolers have been planning prom since the day they entered freshman year. For others, prom planning remains an elusive task that can cause a lot of stress. We’re here to help in either situation.

You may have been planning your high school prom for as long as you can remember. Perhaps you haven’t even begun! Our guide to planning the perfect prom night will help ensure you’ve covered it all as prom season approaches.

Forget the anxiety and embrace the adventure by following our simple guide to getting ready for the big night. Today’s post will encompass Part 1 of your planning. Stay tuned for an upcoming post covering the final things you should keep in mind to plan a stress-free prom night!

First, Write it All Down

There’s no better way to eliminate prom planning anxiety than to simply write it all down.  When thoughts are left swimming around inside your head they can pop up at the worst time. That includes when you are just about the drift off to sleep!

Journaling and getting your thoughts down on paper is a proven method for lowering your stress levels. It helps you stay on track. Here’s how to create & use that prom planning list:

Begin by making a list of everything you are thinking about, and everything you need to do. For the typical high school girl, a checklist may contain the following elements including:

Start Checking Off Those Prom Planning To Do’s

Go down the list item by item and check them off the list. Begin with the things that need to be planned the farthest out.

Find Your Perfect Prom Dress

Prom Hair & Makeup

Prom Jewelry

Prom Shoes

Finalize Your Prom Schedule

Be Sure to Track & Stick to Your Prom Budget

We already mentioned creating a prom budget, and for good reason. The average high school student spends almost $1,000 on prom. If your parents aren’t footing the bill, it’s time to start saving up your allowance.

That might mean picking up odd jobs and chores to make sure you can pay for your dream dress and other prom expenses. By planning ahead, you’ll only have to save an extra $100 – $200 per month to reach your goal.

Once you have your money set aside for prom, use it wisely. Choose one or two of the most important areas and spend your money there. In the other categories, save by choosing more affordable, inexpensive options.

For example, if you have your heart set on a Jovani dress (wink, wink). You can shop discount stores or sample sales for the perfect pair of shoes, saving a hundred dollars or more. You can source budget friendly earrings online.

If you have a friend who is a whiz with hair and makeup, ask her to create the prom updo of your dreams. Then offer her help with something you are good at in return. There’s plenty of ways you can cut costs by teaming up with friends.

If your prom ticket doesn’t include dinner, have friends host a potluck dinner at someone’s house before prom. This is a great alternative instead of springing for a pricey meal at a restaurant.

By getting creative and making smart decisions, you can stay on track with your prom budget. But be sure to also track your budget along the prom planning process. From new makeup purchased for your smokey eye look to that pretty beaded clutch, every little thing adds up in the long run.

Knowledge is power. By tracking your expenses in a simple document (notes on your phone, or a Google Sheets document) you can feel empowered to make financially savvy decisions leading up to prom. This avoids any overspend guilt. It allows you to have fun and dance your shoes off without a worry or care.

Like what you’ve read so far? Check back for Part 2 of this post later this week.

Author: Nazy Rafaeil

IT Specialist, webmaster of the web properties of Jovani Fashions , Content Creator.