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How To Plan the Perfect Prom Night, Part 2

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Pssst! If you haven’t already read Part 1 of How to Plan the Perfect Prom Night, check it out and come back for Part 2…

You’re all squared away with your budget and to do list. Now, it’s time to talk about planning your actual prom experience. Prom will be made memorable by the people you spend it with.

Regardless of what clique you hung out with in high school, prom night is for everyone. You just have to surround yourselves with your tribe.

Finding Your Prom Tribe

Your tribe includes those nearest and dearest to you. The people you have spent the last four years laughing with and crying with. Those who you call your closest friends.

Sometimes teens focus so much on finding the perfect date to bring to prom. They forget the most important people around them – their BFFs. Making sure you include them is essential.

You may have a boyfriend. Your crush could ask you to prom, – or you gather up the courage to ask out that cute shy guy from Chemistry, that’s awesome.  You are living the typical prom dream.

But if you find yourself without a date as prom looms closer, do not stress out! Don’t force yourself to ask someone you don’t really want to be there with. Prom is the night that you will make so many fun memories with those around you.

Make sure you surround yourself with your absolute favorite people. You will ensure you have the best prom night ever. You can surround yourself with all your girls, or get a co-ed group of friends together!

 Plan a fun family-style meal, spring for a limo bus with loud music to get amped for the night to come, and ring in your senior prom in style. No date, no problem!

Alternative Prom

A new trend with modern high school teens is taking effect – alternative prom. This is also sometimes called anti-prom. Anti-prom has become a safe haven for those who attend schools where kids are not as inclusive and friendly.

It has been created for self-professed outsiders. Those who have no desire to pay so much money to attend the school dance. Alternative anti-proms can be a viable option.

Alternative proms have gained so much momentum as they have grown into larger events. They had humble beginnings. Many students who felt they didn’t fit into the old school prom-going stereotype simple opted out.

They instead planned a fun fancy night with their best friends at their home! This movement has since burgeoned into a larger affair. At its core it’s about making people feel included and happy.

We think that finding your own prom tribe is the best way to ensure you feel comfortable and included on prom night. If you feel that your school’s prom won’t be a great environment for you and your group of friends, plan your own anti-prom. Get all dressed up and rock out with your besties, -even if it’s in the comfort of your own home.

How to Plan Your Prom Day

The typical prom night program goes as follows. Get ready (show off that prom dress!), take pictures, eat dinner, attend prom, and go to the after prom party. It may seem a little expected.

However, there are a million fun ways you can inject your own personality into the process. You can have a blast while doing so. Here’s one take on how you can kick things up a notch in the prom fun department:

Whatever You Do, Be YOU-nique

Regardless of your prom night plans, remember to make it your own. If you prefer a quiet night in watching movies and eating popcorn with your besties, do it. But before you give up on prom completely, don’t forget to think outside the box and break the mould.

You can craft the most unforgettably amazing high school prom night. Simply by including your favorite people, customizing your prom experience, and planning well ahead of time.


Author: Nazy Rafaeil

IT Specialist, webmaster of the web properties of Jovani Fashions , Content Creator.