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How to get 12 types of Stains out of your Dress

Posted: 24th January 2017

We recommend all of our dresses to be dry cleaned at first before attempted stain removal. If they are embellished, it should be only spot cleaned, beadings must be kept away from stain removal. Otherwise any embellishments, bead-work or other sewn-in features will be damaged.

However, if you’re in a rush and want to quickly attempt to lift your stain, you can see our tips for removal techniques that can be tried on non-beaded dresses.

We’ve all been there. That clumsy moment when you spill a drop of red wine or sauce on your dress and panic sets in. You immediately worry that you’ll never be able to remove the stain.

This is a concern especially when attending a formal event such a prom or a wedding. If you find yourself with a stain, you don’t want to end up trying to cover it up in the bathroom all night. You won’t want to walk around with the stain on show either.

Instead of spending your special event worrying about stains and how to hide them, relax and rely on our stain removal guide.  We’ve put together the best professional tips and tricks to remove even the most difficult stains.



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Styling Tips for 3 Dramatically Different Prom Dresses

Posted: 18th January 2017

Prom season 2017 is on its way. That means if you haven’t picked out your dress yet, it’s time to start shopping. There’s no reason to find the task daunting – it should be fun and enjoyable!

There are so many prom styling options out there. However, you can start narrowing down your choices by simply deciding what you do and don’t want for the big night. Let your taste and personal style guide you.

How to Start Looking for a Prom Dress

Prom is your time to dress up and express your own taste and personal style. If you have a color preference or particular style of dress in mind, that’s a great place to start. This way, when you visit a prom dress store the sales rep will instantly be able to pull out some great options for you.

If you have no idea where to start, browse through some prom dresses online and see what initially stands out to you. It might be a particular kind of dress cut, color or detail that gets your attention. Save some of your favorites, or pin everything to a Pinterest board and you’ll start to piece together your own individual look.



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What’s In That Bag? 5 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Prom Purse

Posted: 7th December 2016


Your friends and their dates are all gathering together for photos. Then it’s off to dinner and dancing. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, had your makeup done and your hair styled !

Your look is on point and you are ready to drop jaws and have the time of your life. But don’t forget to overlook one very important thing before you head out. Packing the perfect prom purse.

If you haven’t given so much as a second thought to what you’re going to pack in your purse on prom night, think again. Your cute little clutch you picked out will be doing some heavy duty lifting tonight. Its contents need to carry you from 6 pm dinner through a 6 am breakfast.

It will be keep you going for everything in between. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to pen this handy guide to packing the perfect prom purse. So read on, plan ahead, and take the night by storm with everything you need ready at a moment’s notice.


Prom Purse Essential #1: The Basics

First and foremost, pack your purse with a card case.



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How To Plan the Perfect Prom Night, Part 2

Posted: 29th November 2016

Pssst! If you haven’t already read Part 1 of How to Plan the Perfect Prom Night, check it out and come back for Part 2…

You’re all squared away with your budget and to do list. Now, it’s time to talk about planning your actual prom experience. Prom will be made memorable by the people you spend it with.

Regardless of what clique you hung out with in high school, prom night is for everyone. You just have to surround yourselves with your tribe.

Finding Your Prom Tribe

Your tribe includes those nearest and dearest to you. The people you have spent the last four years laughing with and crying with. Those who you call your closest friends.

Sometimes teens focus so much on finding the perfect date to bring to prom. They forget the most important people around them – their BFFs. Making sure you include them is essential.

You may have a boyfriend. Your crush could ask you to prom, – or you gather up the courage to ask out that cute shy guy from Chemistry, that’s awesome. 



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How to Plan a Perfect Prom Night

Posted: 28th November 2016

Some high schoolers have been planning prom since the day they entered freshman year. For others, prom planning remains an elusive task that can cause a lot of stress. We’re here to help in either situation.

You may have been planning your high school prom for as long as you can remember. Perhaps you haven’t even begun! Our guide to planning the perfect prom night will help ensure you’ve covered it all as prom season approaches.

Forget the anxiety and embrace the adventure by following our simple guide to getting ready for the big night. Today’s post will encompass Part 1 of your planning. Stay tuned for an upcoming post covering the final things you should keep in mind to plan a stress-free prom night!

First, Write it All Down

There’s no better way to eliminate prom planning anxiety than to simply write it all down.  When thoughts are left swimming around inside your head they can pop up at the worst time. That includes when you are just about the drift off to sleep!

Journaling and getting your thoughts down on paper is a proven method for lowering your stress levels.



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