Matching Nails With Your Prom Dress

Nazy Rafaeil

Sometimes it happens to many girls that have their prom party soon, whether is night or day and already have a whole look armed, with the perfect makeup, a beautiful hairstyle, the ideal Jovani prom dress, but they still feel that something is missing? Well, the answer is the accessories, and we are not talking about jewelry, but about the nails. Nowadays the nails have become one of the most fabulous fashion accessories. In this part of your prom guide, you will see the most useful tips to combine your nails and makeup with your prom dress.

Many times you have wondered how to do to not fade with extreme contrast between the tone of your nails and the costumes you wear. Well, to solve this riddle, we invite you to know how the chromatic circle can help you find harmony between the elements that make up your style.

Sure on more than one occasion, you have heard about the color circle, in which combining primary colors you can get a new and generous range of many colors. The good news is that its use can also be related to personal style, especially when you want to combine elements as necessary as a nail polish with your daily dress. The chromatic circle is not more than a rounded figure that shows different tonalities that work finding harmonic combinations between one color or another. To learn how to get the most out of the game, follow these colorful keys carefully.

Play with colors: From a subtle style to a daring one

The first technique you must know to perfectly complement your aesthetic resources is that of complementary colors. These are the ones that are on the opposite side of the primary colors of the chromatic circle. When two opposing tones come together, they can create a harmonious look. To close a style based on this theory, you can consult the chosen costume tone and draw a straight line in front of the circle. In this way, for example, you will discover that blue could be a good companion for yellow contemporary dresses.

Monochromatic means that it has similar colors or dyes. Combining the colors of our nails with makeup is one of my tips, plus it is very fashionable. Here we can see an enamel and lips of similar tones and some nails with bright accents, which combined with a patterned evening dress will be a success.

The second technique consists in choosing colors that are close to the directly opposed in such a way that the contrast is not so intense. For example, violet and yellow are complementary, and so that the distinction is not too sharp, yellow should be combined with a bluish or reddish violet. Regarding violet, it would be better with greenish yellow and orange.

For less daring women, discrete combinations exist to satisfy the enamel-dress combination. For them, the option is to resort to the analogous colors, that is to say, the neighbors to the chromatic circle. In this way, green combines with blue and light green.

How to match your nails to your prom dress

Tips according to your prom dress

The idea is to know how to combine it with style. Avoid strident prints if you wear a strong enamel tone. For the case of chrome, you can pay attention to the “temperature” of the color of the prom dress. If silver nails are chosen, they can be combined with fresh garments, in bluish tones, green, gray or violet. In the case of gold and pink, mix it with warm colors like red, pink and yellow.

Do not be afraid of colors in makeup and nails because in the night. Everything works! A colorful dress or the classic black prom dress would complement this look perfectly. You can even find cheap bat mitzvah dresses to pair with these looks.

Going for dark tones is something classic for prom night looks. A smoky makeup on the eyes and a dark and straightforward enamel on the hands will make us look perfect and beautiful.

Apart from the choice, the hands require special care because the nail polish removers leave the skin dry. To avoid that the enamel does not look good because of the inadequate protection of your hands, use specific hydration for the area, apart from the skin, and take care of the cuticles.

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