Four Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Prom Dress

Nazy Rafaeil

Do you have your prom night marked on the calendar and are worried about not finding the right dress? Are you afraid of not making the right choice or do not know where to start? Becoming the perfect prom queen is our primary goal when we get closer to the date and culminates the preparations for your campaign. After this, we took out all our fashion expertise willing to find the ideal prom dress model for the occasion with Jovanis prom collection, with which you leave the whole school open-mouthed.


You probably have pages of marked magazines, saved websites, several Pinterest boards and scrutinized Instagram accounts and all for what? To not miss a millimeter and find the most spectacular prom dress that Jovani has for you.


Are you going to start your search? Well if you do not want any loose ends, in Jovani we will give you how to choose your dress in 4 tips, they are infallible!




The theme is a fundamental parameter that you have to keep in mind always; you are looking for a perfect style for an act as important as your prom night. And it is that many times we forget the type of event we will go to, and we sin by excess or default. That is, it is not the same to go to a carnival theme, a Hollywood theme or casino, you should always try to get dressed according to the theme no matter if it is your prom or if you are the guest at graduation you can choose a costume much more carefree than the protagonist.

Prom night themes to dress-up for



Before starting the search for the perfect prom dress with which to become the prom queen, it is essential that you weigh the characteristics of the place where the event will be held, above all to rule out options. For example, if it is outdoors we suggest a more ready-made style, and in fabrics that do not suffocate you, if it is inside the school gym we recommend a slightly more daring style, but it is entirely your choice depending on where the party will be.




With the theme of the event and the place where it will be held clear, half the work is done! Now that we have decided on our categories, it is essential to know each other entirely, to understand what our body is like and what silhouettes highlight our best attributes. As well as what color suits us best and be aware of our complexion, the hairstyle we will choose of course to find the tones that most favor us. Of course, we all have areas and characteristics that we want to enhance and others that we prefer to hide, in the desire to feel comfortable with a specific design and become the perfect guests to be the case. For this reason, we advise you to answer this question: S.O.S. Prom! What dress feels best to my body?


Regarding color, most of our stylists consider that in case of being dark, red is the most flattering shade, as well as other intense colors such as greens, blues, garnets and violets, nude, the turquoise, the metallic and earth tones.


If you are blonde and you have a pale complexion, choose shades such as cherry red, sky blue, purple and pink, you will be significantly favored!


If you have a fair complexion and a reddish mane, be sure to use green and pastel shades, for example.




This point is closely related to the first two, that is, the theme of the event, the place where it takes place and the height of the year in which we are. That is, it is not right to choose a dress with a sumptuous and warm fabric to go to a closed event with too much heat if we do not want to end up sweating on all four sides. On the other hand, in the same way, an excessively light and vaporous model for a cold date on the outside can be another big problem.


Also, when choosing the texture and the characteristics of the fabric of your dress, remember that they will also set the tone concerning accessories and that less is always more! If you wear a rich fabric laden with appliques and embroidery, bet on more discreet and minimalist accessories. In the case that you see a soberer or one color model, you can show off some excellent accessories that lift the whole look. Always look for balance!

Prom dress fabrics to consider when shopping

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