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What to Expect on Your Prom Night

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The countdown to prom is on and the build-up to the big day is all a part of the excitement that makes this night special! You might already have your prom gown chosen, planned your makeup and hair, bought your accessories. You’re ready for the event itself.

However, you’re probably wondering what exactly happens when the day comes, and on prom night? You’ve never experienced it before and – well, prom nights are famous for being unpredictable if movies are anything to go by! We’re going to unwrap some of the mystery surrounding prom and give you some idea of what to expect on prom night.

No two proms will ever be the same and can turn out to be very different experiences. There are a few standard occurrences that you’ll likely encounter on this important occasion and milestone into adulthood. A prom almost always includes the following timeline of events.

The Prom Day

When the day itself arrives, you’ll likely spend most of your hours preparing. If you want to be ready for this, plan a loose schedule to make sure you have time for everything you need to get done. This could include any hair and makeup appointments if you’re using professionals, beauty treatments and nail art you want to squeeze in.

Don’t forget to have a healthy energy-boosting meal before you leave the house. You don’t want to feel tired or sleepy on the night itself! You’ll want to feel energetic and wide awake as you go through this experience.

When you’ve completed hair and makeup, and put on your dress, accessories and anything else – it might be photo time. It’s typical for parents to want to take some of their own photos so prepare to pose for the camera. This might happen in your home, in a garden or a park.

Your friends may now join you for some fun group photos, or your date might arrive to pick you up! Get ready to add a corsage to your outfit and take even more fun-filled snaps with your date before you take off. You might also hire a professional photographer to commemorate your prom, so be ready and make sure you have plenty of time set aside for the photo-taking process.

Don’t forget to check with your parents about your curfew and double check your transport. You’ll need a safe ride to and from prom, and don’t want your parents worriedly calling you as you enjoy your night. Let them know your after prom plans if you’re expecting to attend a party later on in the night.

Grab your phone, clutch and any other essentials. This could include makeup, hair products, back-up battery, camera, etc. You’re on the way to prom and your special night has finally arrived!

Your Prom Night

Enter your venue with your date or friends and prepare for a lot of fun. Your night will include eating, dancing the night away and chatting with all of your friends and classmates. This night was made to be a social event, so try to pass on your greetings and well-wishes to even those you don’t often get to talk to.

During the night, you’ll hit the dance floor, take lots of photos of your group and probably a whole bunch of selfies too! At some point, a Prom King and Queen will be crowned and given the dance floor to celebrate their special honor!

If your prom committee has hired a professional photographer, you may also pose for a prom photo with your date or friends. Be ready for any photos and don’t forget to check up on your hair/makeup at least once just in case! You can always carry a compact mirror in your bag for quick makeup top-ups.

Prom After Party

After prom, there is usually an after party to attend, which might be at a friend or classmate’s house. With the formal event wrapped up, you can relax and enjoy the less formal atmosphere of the night. Make sure you know when you’ll be going home and plan ahead so you have somewhere safe to stay if you won’t return home that night.

Prom Dos

Prom Don’ts


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