Finding the Perfect Shoes for Your Prom Dress

how to choose prom shoes

It’s prom season, and that means it is time to try and pick the perfect outfit. Every girl wants to have the best prom dress, shoes, and accessories for this special occasion. Shoes, in particular, can make or break a girl’s outfit.

Many girls vie for sky-high heels to wear with their gowns while others choose flats or kitten heels. Whatever the style, finding the right shoes that do not clash with the night’s dress can pose a challenge. Fortunately, these tips will help any girl navigate matching shoes with the most common prom dress styles.

Prom sandals can be a comfortable choice that makes it easy to hit the dance floor. If you feel confident, prom heels are a good choice to add height and glam to your look. Designs with an ankle strap will make you feel extra secure. These types of evening shoes should look formal and right for your dress. Regardless of if they have a low or high heel, the look should be correct for prom night. Prom shoes are usually best in simple block colors and sleek styles to make them easy to match. You can pick from any height of heel that you can walk in and feel good in. A wedge or block heel style is a good option for extra stability.

You can find many footwear collections from affordable to designer that will suit all occasions from prom to homecoming or even a wedding. Top trends to match with a gown include glitter, satin and suede pieces. These can have straps, be in a classic pump style or open toe stiletto. Try your favorites on with your prom dress to see how it impacts the silhouette and to check for your own comfort. You don’t want blisters on your feet during prom night!

Our collection has a range of prom dresses with sparkle that suit simple heels best. You can also find sleek simple pieces that work with printed pumps or embellished wedges. See our selection and pick your dress first. That makes it easier to make other purchases such as a bag or jewelry to complete your outfit with the right stylish touch. Most importantly, wear your prom shoes with confidence and remember that everything is about creating the best memories.

What shoes should I wear with a prom dress?

Print Dresses

Finding the right shoes to wear with print dresses can be challenging. Many of the prints in prom dresses are bold with bright colors. Print dresses usually also contain many different colors making it difficult to determine what color the prom shoes should bring out.

To perfectly match a print dress with many colors, find the color that stands out in the dress the most and choose shoes in that shade. Nude high heels also work very well against bright and flashy dresses. Remember to go for simple shoes since the dress is the bold fashion piece.

Black Dresses

When trying to match a black prom dress, many girls think only black shoes will match with the outfit. We think this is something of a misconception. In reality, there’s more than one way to handle this.

If you are feeling bold, bright pink, red or yellow heels will match great with a solid black dress. For a more subtle look, pair the dress with silver or white heels. Black heels with silver beading will also help to dress up any prom dress. Sparkly high heels can also be matched with black dresses to make the outfit stand out.

Metallic Dresses

Metallic dresses can be a tricky prom outfit to match since many shoes clash with the material. Gold and silver dresses while being very fashionable can be quite a difficult style to find shoes for that do not take away from the bold style.

To match gold dresses, choose a subdued shoe in a gold tone in order to complement the dress. Black shoes can also work if the gold dresses have a black accent in the material. With certain dresses, red heels can also create a daring prom look.

Silver dresses also look perfectly matched with a toned down silver heel. For a classy and fashionable look, silver heels with diamond-like beading or sparkles make a great prom outfit.

Cocktail Dresses

While many girls opt to wear full-length gowns for their prom, many choose to wear cocktail dresses for a sexier prom style. Since these dresses tend to be plainer and less intricate than ball gowns, most of these looks require a bolder shoe. If the dress is on the more daring side, however, tone the look down with heels in a complementary color or solid black.

A-line Dresses

Most girls choose an A-line style prom dress if they want to feel like a princess for the night. These dresses tend to have long, wide skirts that bring to mind Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

For A-line dresses with a solid color, flashy high heels will help complete the look and make it stand out. For dresses with a lot of jewels or sparkles, a complementary color with a simple design will ensure the shoes do not clash with the dress.

Have fun at prom!