How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

It’s never too early to start thinking about prom! Young women dream about their prom nights for years. When they finally arrive, it should be as perfect as possible. However, every girl’s date and evening plans will vary and it’s impossible to guarantee perfection there, but the one thing you can plan in advance is your dress. Here are some guidelines for choosing the dress that you’ll be wearing on the most exciting night of your young life. Since young women come in many shapes and sizes, we’ve broken it down by types of figures. You can find these diverse styles as part of our new prom dresses 2020 collection.


If you have a slender figure, congratulations, but you will still want to be careful when making your choice. You will keep your prom pictures for the rest of your life, and you want to have the most memories when you look at them in years to come. If you have broad shoulders, make sure the neckline is low and the straps are relatively close together. That way, your face will be framed properly in candid shots. The wrong neckline can make even the most slender young woman look bigger when photographed at certain angles.

Apple Shaped

Apple Shaped prom dressesIf you are apple shaped, go for dresses that draw attention to your legs. Short prom dresses have been trendy for quite a few years now and are no longer considered scandalous or inappropriate for a formal event by most people – though definitely check with your parents first anyway! Do avoid dresses that skim the entire length of your body. Apple shaped women have long, elegant limbs and waists that are not dramatically defined. Consider an A-line silhouette to give your figure the illusion of a more indented waist.


Busty young women need to consider straps first and foremost, as strapless styles might be too revealing. Halter tops keep everything contained and open up fun possibilities for bodice design. They also make the shoulders look more structured, which makes a busty body look slimmer up top. A longer skirt keeps the focus off of the top half of the body.

Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped prom dresses

Pear shaped bodies are easy to balance out. Just create a little interest on top and keep the lines smooth on the lower half. Consider an empire waist dress with an embellished bodice, a high waist, and a flowing skirt. You can easily transform your pear shaped body into an hourglass with the right dress. If your dress has spaghetti straps, look for a strap placement that balances your shoulders with your hips. This will make your bottom half look smaller.



Finding dresses that really fit this kind of figure can be challenge, but no worries! There are great options out there. A simple bodycon dress in a sequined fabric is a fun surprise that shows off curves in a no-fuss manner. Alternately, you could choose a material with a bright pattern or some other design feature. The goal is to use a competing element to downplay your curves without obscuring them. A mermaid dress would be ideal for someone who wants to commit to the full-glam Hollywood look.


A young woman with a petite figure should follow any applicable suggestions above, with an additional emphasis on long skirts. Tea length dresses look fresh on models, but they make petite women look even smaller. Mid-length skirts end at the worst point on the legs, making them look thick and short. A long skirt, especially one that extends from a high waist, lengthens the entire figure.

That’s it, remember, whatever dress you chose, the important thing is just to relax and have fun at prom. It might be a big deal but it’s also just one night.