6 Gorgeous And Easy Hairstyles For Proms

Nazy Rafaeil

With the arrival of spring begins the time of prom parties. Many girls make appointments in beauty salons way beforehand; However, it’s not necessary to spend large amounts of money in hairstyles where you could do it so much better suiting your own personal take.


That’s why we have chosen a set of prom hairstyles for 2020 that you can accomplish step by step and combine with some beautiful prom dresses.


  • The low bun

This hairstyle for prom is one of the easiest to do, in just three simple steps. First of all, make sure the hair  is prepared and has no knots:

  1. Divide the hair into two sections and tie them as if they were a spiral.
  2. Once you’ve done it, take the hair that remains at the top of the knot and place it on the right side of it, down.
  3. Interlace it with several hairpins so that it doesn’t move. Now, repeat the same process but with the tuft below, up on the left.

The low bun style blends perfectly with garments of halter-neck designs, such as the Black Halter Neckline Fringe Prom Dress 65384 from our newest prom dresses line.


  • The French braids

This hairstyle for proms is perfect for girls with their hair above the shoulders:

  1. Comb your hair and leave the division line to the side.
  2. Take a lock of the top part (of the side on which you’ve left more hair) and separate it in two.
  3. Tie the two pieces of hair in a loose braid and secure them with a hairpin.
  4. Repeat this step as if you were making a chain with your hair.
  5. When you reach the center of the back of your head, pick up the hair on the other side with hairpins to maintain the balance of the hairstyle but giving it a “careless” and contemporary vibe.

You can rock this braided-style while wearing a long bright gown, like our Black Multi Sequin Embellished Backless Prom Dress 63487.


  • The Chignon Knot

Although it doesn’t sound like it, this is another easy and straightforward hairstyle, ideal for prom:

  1. Start smoothing the hair, avoiding tangles.
  2. Divide the hair in two at the height of the neck.
  3. Re-separate each side in two and start knotting as if it were a chain. When you reach the end, tie the braid with a hairband.
  4. Repeat the same process with the other side. Now, lift one of the knotted braids and hide the end of the other underneath. Secure it with hairpins and do the same thing again with the opposite side.


You can claim the title of “Most likely to appear on Vogue” on the yearbook by showing-off this hairstyle in a Burgundy Glitter Strapless Prom Ball Gown 66920.

easy prom hairstyles to try at home

  • Gibson style – fishtail on a bow

The Gibson or Pompadour was a trendy hairstyle at the beginning of the 20th century. This elegant style mixed with some casual fishtail braids will give you a bohemian but sophisticated look.

  • Separate your hair into three sections, leaving more hair in the back.
  • Make two fishtail braids, one on each side.
  • Tie the central section hair with a ponytail and roll it up and hook it with hairpins to create a Gibson bow.
  • To finish, you will only have to place the braids on the bun well so that they do not move.

For you that you are a sophisticated, determined and powerful girl, show off your skills to glamorize yourself with a Gibson bow and a deep V-neckline like the Emerald Fitted Strapless High Slit Prom Dress 67593.


  • Loose with braids

What’s more comfortable than wearing loose hair with two braids? You will look fabulous in this fairytale comb.

Comb your hair with natural waves to give it an even more romantic touch.

Make a small braid on each side.

Give a little volume to the back and join both braids there with hairpins forks.

Mess it up a little bit. That’s it, and you are now a rock star.

If you want to give the complete fantasy of a fairy tale, use our Floral Blush Appliques Long Sleeve Prom Ballgown 67393 and let your hair flow on top of this beautiful design.

By wearing any of these hairstyles, you will feel beautiful, confident and ready to conquer the world from this prom party. They also match with bat mitzvah dresses or for any other special occasion.

easy prom hairstyles to try at home

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