Interview With Angie Ohman – Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

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Angie Ohman is a Sherman Oaks based personal trainer who specializes in working with women. Angie motivates, guides and inspires her clients to reach their fitness goals, even when they’re working within a limited time frame. Also a nutritionist, Angie is keen to see those who she works with make permanent healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Helping brides prepare for their big day is one of her key services. She explains that those gearing up for such a big life event are often the most motivated. She has shared with us her own personal tips and training secrets for brides-to-be.

Revealing some of her insider knowledge, Angie has spoken to Jovani about fitness, health and keeping that motivation to reach those goals!

JOVANI: Tell us a little about your own approach to fitness?

ANGIE: I train women only and specialize in weight-loss and lean toning. I’m also a sports nutritionist, so I’m very involved in my clients’ health in all ways.
I really consider myself more of a tough workout buddy than a “trainer.”

I think starting with a personal trainer can be very scary and overwhelming for many people – especially when you are investing so much to make such big life changes – as many are when they get to the point of hiring someone… So, I like to bring a bit of a nurturing and positive attitude to my sessions – but it’s a lot of hard work from start to finish. I can be tough at times – but I always apologize and applaud right after the tough moments!

As for the exercises, it’s always different. I mix it up a lot. Strength training is always part of the sessions, but we also throw in dancing and cardio blasts. I love using the TRX and boxing and I even like to bring back stuff from the good old “P.E” -type exercises like we learned back in school .

My workouts are almost always full-body. Some days we focus more on a specific zone, but I don’t usually train one area and then have a rest day like you do when you are using heavy weights. . I like to build nice lean bodies that are very strong, but not bulky. I believe the largest weight I have in my studio is 12.5lbs.

JOVANI: What inspired you to become a trainer?

ANGIE: Well, originally I became a trainer out of my own desire to learn how to lose weight and tone up. I realized the best way to stay in shape was to make it my job. When I was younger, I was professional dancer. When I got injured and was unable to dance for a long time, I began gaining weight pretty quickly- and I was absolutely devastated when my agent at the time pointed it out to me!

I didn’t have the money to get a trainer, so I decided to take a part-time job at a women’s gym. I originally got certified through the gym to train the members and spent all my free time working out, researching and trying to find the right way to balance working out and eating right to lose weight. It worked! – For me, and for the ladies I was helping. We all became so close like a family. So, when the gym closed down, many of the members started calling me to meet up in the park for our workout…and that’s how my business got started years ago!

JOVANI: You specialize in training brides for their wedding day. How does this differ from regular training?

ANGIE: I specialize in weight-loss and lean toning for all women, but for brides it is much more intense and focused. The actual training sessions are very similar, but usually the bride has a tight deadline and they often want to achieve the same results as long-term clients do – but they need to accomplish it in just a few months! No pressure! Lol

Luckily, the bride is the most disciplined client! They don’t mess around. Instead of the 2 or 3 days a week training, they sign up for 5. They use their tracker apps and FitBits religiously and do their homework that I give them.

Also, with the wedding day approaching, goals become a lot more “cosmetic.” – Where the long-term training client has a goal of overall health and fitness, the brides want to show off their toned arms and backs to look perfect in their low-back wedding dress. They want their waist a specific measurement and the butt high by a very specific date.

In order to achieve the impossible, you must be extremely consistent with your diet and workout together. I can work your arms all day, but to see those muscles, you need to trim the fat that’s over them, and the best way to do that is in the kitchen.

I often go grocery shopping with my brides and give them food lists and recipes that they can prep themselves at home, and I provide around-the-clock text support and give them homework. I’m very hands-on and very invested in them meeting their goals for the big day.

JOVANI: What are some everyday tricks we can all use to improve our general fitness?

ANGIE: I think the one thing many people don’t realize is that you don’t need a big chunk of time to work out. You can spread it out throughout the day. Just get moving! I tell my clients their homework every day is 20-30 minutes of cardio (we save the weights for when they’re with me.) They can break it up however they like! Only have 5 minutes before your meeting? Great! Jog in place for those 5 minutes. Do that 4 times and you’ve reached your cardio goal. I think the idea that you need to set aside a big chunk of time gives you more excuses to not do it.

Also, remember: you can’t out-work a terrible diet! You can work with a trainer every day – but if you’re drinking giant sodas and eating ice cream, then you might not lose anything at all. Get a calorie tracker (like My Fitness Pal) and keep track of what you’re putting in your body and be aware of when you’re full and listen to your body.

Making small adjustments goes a long way! You may think that adding extra healthy toppings to your salad is a great idea (like avocado, nuts, cheese, etc. etc.) – but if you want to slim down, I say take one or two things out of each meal. Lose the slice of cheese from your burger, no mayo etc. and you’ll soon find yourself shrinking with just the tiniest adjustments!

JOVANI: What is the best way to stay focused on a fitness goal?


  • Schedule it in advance and make it a priority.
  • Think of it as scheduling your “me” time – not as a chore.
  • Obviously, if you can afford a trainer – do it! They’ll keep you accountable and on a fitness schedule.
  • If not, then just put your fitness in your schedule and make sure it’s something you enjoy – or at least feel good about afterwards. Find a class or two you love and put them in your calendar and set reminders.
  • Get a workout buddy and schedule your meet-ups with them in advance.
  • You don’t need to constantly look at Insta pics to stay motivated – that can actually do the opposite. Just schedule it in and then you don’t have to obsess about it. It’ll just be part of your routine.
  • A 1-hour workout is only 4% of your day – you have the time, you just need to make it a priority…and you deserve that!

JOVANI: When preparing for a big formal event (e.g. wedding or prom), what fitness regime or workout would you recommend for toning up and looking your best?

ANGIE: Obviously, if you want to see tone you need to strength train. Luckily, you don’t need a gym or even any equipment to get toned up! Good ‘ol pushups do sooo much for upper body and core and walking lunges get your booty high and tight!
Start with 20 of each a day and work up to 30 (5 days/week.) Then, add in some variations.

To get your cardio in, turn on some music and dance in between your favorite shows or just jog around between classes or meetings

to get a total of 20-30 minutes a day. If you need some guidance, you can browse the YouTube and Insta workouts and do those. The Great news is… All fitness routines work! Really! It’s the consistency that matters the most!

JOVANI: What are some good ways to boost general wellness and relieve stress through exercise?

ANGIE: Take it outside. I think we all take for granted how wonderful being outdoors is and how much stress it relieves. Going for a walk outside helps to clear your mind and boosts your heart rate. It gets you away from all the gadgets and noise in your mind. You can go by yourself or take a friend for a long walk and chat. It’s so therapeutic.

JOVANI: Our mermaid dresses are all about showing off an hourglass silhouette. What are some fitness tips for shaping up those curves?

ANGIE: Oooh! The mermaid dress!

Well, your mermaid dresses do a wonderful job at accentuated those natural curves. Luckily, with that shape, the waist looks naturally smaller and hips slightly wider creating the perfect hourglass… But to enhance it even more, you can first work your obliques by doing side dips, which tighten up the sides of your waist creating a corseting effect.

To do these, lay on the ground on your side and raise up into a side plank by holding yourself up on the forearm of your bottom arm and bottom foot. Place your top hand in the air or on your hip and lower down until the side of your bum taps the ground, then lift it back up as high as you can while still facing the side. Do about 15 reps each side, once a day and work up to 3 sets a day.

For the backside, a little lift is all you need for the perfect curve. For this, I love lunges. You can do them anywhere and a few sets have a huge impact. To hit all the angles, lunge to the front with one leg and then return to center, then repeat to the side, and then to the back with the same leg. Repeat the round on the other leg. Do about 15 rounds on each side per day and gradually work up to 3 sets of 15 a day! (For extra pop, hold some light hand weights while lunging.)


A big thank you to Angie for taking part in our interview series! Keep up to date with all her news on Facebook & Instagram – @AngieOhman

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