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The Best Plus Size Prom Dresses

Posted: 9th November 2016

“It’s not about the size you wear. It’s about how you wear the size.” At Jovani, we could not agree more. That is why we have created real sizes that fit every body.

Jovani prom dresses fit petite and small boned women. They also flatter the gorgeously curvy plus size women. We have everything from small to larger sizes (0 – 24).

We believe that every woman deserves to find the most beautiful gown for her special occasion or formal event. That’s especially for prom. It’s a night when everyone looks their best.

Unfortunately, high school can be a difficult time to maintain a healthy self-esteem. Girls are maturing into young women. Along with growing up comes the need to embrace yourself and find love for who you are.

Own your inner and outer beauty, and radiate confidence, happiness and a true passion for life. The world is your oyster at this age, and the possibilities in life are truly endless. There is no point beating yourself up over your looks.

Perfection is a myth.  Models are the ones who are on the fringe body-wise. 



Evening Dresses - Page 6

How to Find the Perfect Evening Dress for Your Special Occasion

Posted: 18th June 2015

Looking for the perfect evening dress? Look no further. Our customers and fans recognize Jovani as a brand at the forefront of trending fashion.

We are all about incorporating top fashion trends. We mix them into our flowing lines and diverse range of silhouttes. It is a skill that sets us apart and that you love!

How do we know? The wonderful reception you’ve given our latest collection has resonated all the way to Jovani towers. But it would be wrong to concentrate only on ‘the now’ or to become complacent.

Fashion inspiration like this transforms into innovation on the sketch pads of our forward-thinking designers. The chic, elegant lines of the evening dress, for which Jovani has become renowned, take on contemporary twists. We are looking to the future and paving the way.

Formal Evening Wear: What to Shop For?

We’ve seen success across our entire collection this year. From it, it’s the designer evening dresses that have received the greatest adulation. They’re timeless and captivating, combining vintage with high-end fashion to deliver multi-functional gowns.

Our formal wear dresses represent style that remains classy.



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Evening Dresses - Page 6
Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6Evening Dresses - Page 6