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Style Expert: Melanie Kluger of The Confident Closet

Posted: 29th December 2016

Happy Friday, Jovani fans! Today is all about embracing your personal style and loving the skin you are in. To show us the light, we’ve invited personal style guru Melanie Kluger from Head Over Heels with Melanie to dish on how you can find your inner style and dress your personal best.    JOVANI: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. What inspired you to start Head Over Heels with Melanie and The Confident Closet?    MELANIE: Hi there! I’m Melanie Kluger, personal stylist, closet connoisseur, and creator of Head Over Heels with Melanie. I’m a New Yorker who is currently living in the Bay Area with my hubs, cute Boston terrier pup, and two adorable kiddos. I help woman clean out their closet, gain confidence in their personal style, and learn to love getting dressed in the morning.    I was inspired to start Head Over Heels with Melanie (and eventually The Confident Closet) because I am beyond passionate about making women feel good. I don’t consider myself to be a stylist that says “Dress like this!” or “This is what’s on trend, do that!” I pride myself on asking the right questions to help you find our own style, .....


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Fab Five: Best Strapless Mermaid Dresses

Posted: 27th December 2016

The mermaid dress is a classic evening gown silhouette. It hugs the form and features a skirt designed to create the shape of a mermaid’s tail. It makes any woman have a beautiful hourglass shape.

This popular dress style has a timeless fit that can be worn for so many occasions. It’s often worn for proms, weddings, evening events and so much more. It has a formal look that is so timelessly beautiful.

The mermaid gown takes its inspiration from the old Hollywood regency looks in the ’30s and ’40s. This dress style rose to become synonymous with elegance, refinement and glamour. It’s now a vintage-inspired design that has been modernized.

Why Choose a Mermaid Dress?

Often favored for the red carpet, this dress is popular for a very good reason. It highlights a woman’s body beautifully. It creates a gorgeous curvy shape while keeping flattering proportions.

A strapless full-length gown shows off the perfect amount of skin for formal events. It allows you to play with adding a necklace to complete the look. You can be free to experiment with jewelry.

The mermaid dress is a great option if you prefer to opt for low pumps.



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Fab Five: Our Favorite 2019 Holiday Dress Picks

Posted: 19th December 2016

The holiday season is officially upon us as we celebrate and prepare to say goodbye to 2018. One of the most enjoyable parts of the season’s festivities is dressing up. That could be for a holiday party, New Year’s Eve, a Winter Ball or another exciting seasonal event.

We at Jovani feel that picking out the perfect outfit is a part of what makes these special events so enjoyable and memorable. That moment when you’ve found ‘the dress’ after so much trial and error. You’ve put on the perfect outfit on and get to primp for a great evening ahead!

With that festive excitement in mind, we’re giving a rundown of our favorite picks the holiday events. These gowns and cocktail dresses will make you feel gorgeous and glamorous as you enjoy that glass of mulled wine. You can enjoy catching up with family and friends and get in the spirit of the holiday season.

The Best Dresses for the Holidays


Dress #1: Navy V neck Beaded Tulle Dress – Jovani Style 29085

This sheer midnight blue V neck dress is the sartorial equivalent of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’



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Fab Five: The Best Holiday Dresses & Styling Tips

Posted: 2nd December 2016

Happy Friday, dear readers! We’re excited to continue our new tradition. We’re posting about five of our favorite dresses different categories every Friday.

With the holiday season just around the corner, today’s Fab Five will cover five of our favorite holiday dresses. These dresses seriously have it all. They dazzle, flatter and will make you the life of the holiday party.

There’s something else in addition to our usual Fab Five Friday post. We are also launching another series. Our Friday Freebie makeup giveaways!

We just adore our lipstick and lipgloss duo we are giving away. It’s seriously the perfect shade for just about any skin tone and lip. It takes a girl from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Be sure to head over to our Twitter pages for Jovani & JVN to get the scoop on how to enter & win! Winners will be announced the following Thursday. Another chance to win will happen each Freebie Friday until we run out of the goodies.

Exciting stuff! Now on to those fabulous holiday dresses….

Fave Holiday Dress #1: Black Fit &



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Fab Five: 5 Pretty Illusion Dresses for Prom by JVN

Posted: 12th November 2016

Every Friday we’re going to highlight our favorite five dresses in a certain category. This Friday we’re kicking things off with a bang by featuring our JVN prom collection dresses. JVN by Jovani is known for designing dresses that are fun, flirty, fabulous and flattering.

What more could a girl want in a prom gown, right?

Illusion effects in dresses are one of the biggest trends for Prom 2016 and 2017. We love how an illusion gown creates interesting detail in a prom dress. A sheer illusion gown allows for a deeper plunge.

The sheer panel means you won’t be accidentally flashing anyone, and you feel more comfortable. It is also used to create interesting cutout patterns. This is without compromising the integrity of the gown or its fabrics.

The optical illusion portion blends with skin tone. It enables an array of dress designs that would not otherwise have been possible.  

JVN by Jovani has endless options when it comes to illusion prom dresses.


Top 5 Illusion Prom Dresses

Here are five of our favorites to check out:

1. Black Fitted Open Back Jersey Dress –



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