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What to Wear & What to Serve At Your Next Dinner Party

Posted: 6th February 2017

Hosting a dinner party can seem a daunting scenario. Making sure everything’s perfectly in place, decorating, creating beautiful tablescapes. Figuring out the seating chart for guests, your dinner party menu – that’s a whole lot of plates to keep spinning in the air. (Pun intended.)

In an effort to lessen your stress, we’re going to help knock out two of the main categories: The Dress and The Menu. Hopefully these selections get you thinking creatively. We want to inspire some admirably coordinated combinations to bring to your dinner table.

Preparing your dinner menu just got easier. These gorgeous food ideas make for delicious dinner combinations. They will undoubtedly impress your friends and bring out your inner chef too!

There are even some healthy dinner party options if you want to enjoy the meal guilt-free. That means you’re free to indulge in that extra glass of white wine. Throw in some appetizers and party games, and you’ll have an unforgettable night on your hands.


Black Multi Floral Print Sleeveless Dress 50144

This sleeveless floral print dress is absolutely ravishing. Firey hues somehow manage to maintain an understated aesthetic while capturing everyone’s attention.



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Springtime Evening Dress Trend Report

Posted: 31st January 2017

We’re getting excited for spring with today’s evening dress trend report. We’re looking ahead at the most trend-driven designs available for the new season. These eveningwear pieces are formal and fashion-forward.

They’re perfect for any big event you have coming up this spring. That could be prom, a wedding or a cocktail party. We break down the biggest trends and run through some of the dress styles that show them off at their best.

We’re here to help you know what to look for when browsing through that wide variety of evening dresses. We’re sharing some style advice so you’ll know how to dress them up too. These formal dresses strike a balance between being fashionable and flattering.

Prepare to look effortlessly chic in one of these perfect dresses for your next special occasion!


Trend 1: The Dramatic Mermaid Dress (#39827)

Mermaid dresses are a huge trend for formal-wear right now – and it’s easy to see why. There’s something so flattering about the curve-hugging hourglass silhouette they create. It stands out as different too.

This off-the-shoulder black mermaid dress exhibits the trend perfectly.



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Stain Removal Tricks That’ll Save Your Dress & Your Night

Posted: 24th January 2017

We recommend all of our dresses to be dry cleaned at first before attempted stain removal. If they are embellished, it should be only spot cleaned, beadings must be kept away from stain removal. Otherwise any embellishments, bead-work or other sewn-in features will be damaged.

However, if you’re in a rush and want to quickly attempt to lift your stain, you can see our tips for removal techniques that can be tried on non-beaded dresses.

We’ve all been there. That clumsy moment when you spill a drop of red wine or sauce on your dress and panic sets in. You immediately worry that you’ll never be able to remove the stain.

This is a concern especially when attending a formal event such a prom or a wedding. If you find yourself with a stain, you don’t want to end up trying to cover it up in the bathroom all night. You won’t want to walk around with the stain on show either.

Instead of spending your special event worrying about stains and how to hide them, relax and rely on our stain removal guide.  We’ve put together the best professional tips and tricks to remove even the most difficult stains.



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Style Expert: Melanie Kluger of The Confident Closet

Posted: 29th December 2016

Happy Friday, Jovani fans! Today is all about embracing your personal style and loving the skin you are in. To show us the light, we’ve invited personal style guru Melanie Kluger from Head Over Heels with Melanie to dish on how you can find your inner style and dress your personal best.    JOVANI: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. What inspired you to start Head Over Heels with Melanie and The Confident Closet?    MELANIE: Hi there! I’m Melanie Kluger, personal stylist, closet connoisseur, and creator of Head Over Heels with Melanie. I’m a New Yorker who is currently living in the Bay Area with my hubs, cute Boston terrier pup, and two adorable kiddos. I help woman clean out their closet, gain confidence in their personal style, and learn to love getting dressed in the morning.    I was inspired to start Head Over Heels with Melanie (and eventually The Confident Closet) because I am beyond passionate about making women feel good. I don’t consider myself to be a stylist that says “Dress like this!” or “This is what’s on trend, do that!” I pride myself on asking the right questions to help you find our own style, .....


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Fab Five: Best Strapless Mermaid Dresses

Posted: 27th December 2016

The mermaid dress is a classic evening gown silhouette. It hugs the form and features a skirt designed to create the shape of a mermaid’s tail. It makes any woman have a beautiful hourglass shape.

This popular dress style has a timeless fit that can be worn for so many occasions. It’s often worn for proms, weddings, evening events and so much more. It has a formal look that is so timelessly beautiful.

The mermaid gown takes its inspiration from the old Hollywood regency looks in the ’30s and ’40s. This dress style rose to become synonymous with elegance, refinement and glamour. It’s now a vintage-inspired design that has been modernized.

Why Choose a Mermaid Dress?

Often favored for the red carpet, this dress is popular for a very good reason. It highlights a woman’s body beautifully. It creates a gorgeous curvy shape while keeping flattering proportions.

A strapless full-length gown shows off the perfect amount of skin for formal events. It allows you to play with adding a necklace to complete the look. You can be free to experiment with jewelry.

The mermaid dress is a great option if you prefer to opt for low pumps.



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