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Ruffles and Flounce Dresses for Spring And Beyond

Posted: 16th February 2017

They may normally be reserved for child pageant stars and princess parties. However, girlish details like ruffles and flounce have gotten a high-fashion makeover. They’re appearing over and again on runways in all four fashion capitals.

Framing the neckline, adorning the hips, or set in tiers around the skirt, they make for an enchanting evening look. Here we’ve gathered together some of our favorite examples of the trend. Frill-seekers will appreciate the in your face femininity of these adorned silhouettes.

Warning: They’ve been known to ruffle a few feathers, sartorially speaking.


Navy Lace Two Piece Off the Shoulder Prom Dress 

Consider this an introductory course in frilly spring fashion. The wide ruffle layer around the off-the-shoulder crop top is more boho-chic than babydoll. Regardless, we are still head over stilettos in love.

Crafted from beautiful lace, the high-waisted skirt is fitted through mid-thigh before flaring out in an easily draping skirt. Ballroom, backyard, or beach, this navy blue two-piece dress cuts a stunning figure. Elevate the look with jewel-toned accessories and a sizeable stiletto.


Red Off the Shoulder Satin Prom Dress

This satin stunner hits two key trends at once.



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3 Valentine’s Dresses You Need Right Now

Posted: 14th February 2017

The holidays are history. January is over. Even the Groundhog has had his day.

That means only one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. This special day requires a slightly different dress code. You may feel like opting for an outfit in a red color.

The perfect Valentine dress may depend on what you have planned.These sweet red dresses will make any Valentine’s Day feel extra special. That means you can enjoy the season of love and celebrate this romantic special occasion!

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day?

Do you know what you’re wearing?  You may be planning to go out for lobster, heading to a hot nightclub or doing it up at a Valentine’s Day formal. You’re going to need a look-at-me dress that says “I’m not afraid of attention.”

Nothing sends that message faster than a bold red that turns heads. It inspires dress envy and gets you whatever your heart desires.  The official color of love, romance and passion, red brings out the irresistible vixen in all of us.

Blondes, brunettes and yes, even you redheads can wear the fiery hue and feel confident.



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12 Jumpsuits You Need Now

Posted: 13th February 2017

The jumpsuit is a mainstay of Seventies-era fashion. It’s been seen on almost every iconic figure you can conjure in your mind. Incredibly chic and impressively versatile, it’s also one of the more effortless routes you can take to sartorial heights.

The one-piece silhouette knows how to make a singular statement. These twelve we’ve rounded up are no exception. Each a unique jumpsuit design with its own agenda, you’re guaranteed to find the one you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Navy High Neck Beaded Jumpsuit

Nothing says Saturday Night Fever like a sequined sexy catsuit. The body hugging design dips low on the sides. Sheer panels keep the suggestive look from becoming too revealing.

Not to be outdone, the open back hits a provocative point all the way down at the small of the back. A high boat neckline and slim tapered leg serve as a sophisticated counterpoint to the sultry details. This glittering piece is covered in intricate navy sequins.


Navy Contemporary Jersey Jumpsuit 

Go straight from brunch to the bars in this adaptable take on the jumpsuit trend.



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Top 5: Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Posted: 11th February 2017

Few things in life are more romantic than that of a winter wedding held outside of the usual wedding season. Crisp air, warm fires, rich colors, and maybe a soft blanket of snow. A beautifully pristine background for a beautifully pristine love.

The mere thought of such an event makes the heart go pitter-patter. The cool temps can bring their style-related challenges for everyone from the bride (she’ll need a winter appropriate wedding dress!) to that second cousin’s plus-one.  They also bring opportunity to find a unique perfect dress as you witness someone’s big day.

They allow for a bevy of new materials, sleeve lengths, and silhouettes that would be out of place at a spring or summer scenario. This gives you the chance to wear a different type of formal dress. Pastels are sweet, but deep scarlet – now that’s a shade that will get the blood pumping.

Cotton is comfortable but hardly packs the same fashion punch as a heavy velvet. In today’s post, we highlight five of our most coveted styles to wear as a winter wedding guest. Write in the name of your plus-one and mark your meal choice on the RSVP card.



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What to Wear & What to Serve At Your Next Dinner Party

Posted: 6th February 2017

Hosting a dinner party can seem a daunting scenario. Making sure everything’s perfectly in place, decorating, creating beautiful tablescapes. Figuring out the seating chart for guests, your dinner party menu – that’s a whole lot of plates to keep spinning in the air. (Pun intended.)

In an effort to lessen your stress, we’re going to help knock out two of the main categories: The Dress and The Menu. Hopefully these selections get you thinking creatively. We want to inspire some admirably coordinated combinations to bring to your dinner table.

Preparing your dinner menu just got easier. These gorgeous food ideas make for delicious dinner combinations. They will undoubtedly impress your friends and bring out your inner chef too!

There are even some healthy dinner party options if you want to enjoy the meal guilt-free. That means you’re free to indulge in that extra glass of white wine. Throw in some appetizers and party games, and you’ll have an unforgettable night on your hands.


Black Multi Floral Print Sleeveless Dress 50144

This sleeveless floral print dress is absolutely ravishing. Firey hues somehow manage to maintain an understated aesthetic while capturing everyone’s attention.



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